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NURS 4564 Healthcare Administration for Nurses
Traditional BSN Prerequisite(s): All Liberal Arts Core Curriculum requirements, University Proficiencies, and prerequisites for nursing, including the following courses: BIOL 1414/1014, BIOL 2404/2004, and BIOL 2414/2014, and CHEM 1404/1004; ENGL 1313 and ENGL 1323; GOVT 2313; MATH 1313; PSYC 1313, PSYC 2301, and PSYC 3313
School of Nursing and Applied Health Requirements: Completion of all prior nursing courses: NURS 3110, NURS 3111, NURS 3222/3022, NURS 3309, NURS 3323/3023, NURS 3404/3004, NURS 3408/3008, NURS 3414 (BIOL 3433), NURS 3424/3024, NURS 4312, NURS 4394, NURS 4414/4014, NURS 4434/4034, and NURS 4444/4044. A GPA of 2.5 or higher and successful completion of the Advanced Beginner Checkpoint
Traditional BSN Corequisite(s): NURS 3434/3034 and NURS 4424/4024
RN to BSN Prerequisite(s): Unencumbered RN license and formal acceptance into the RN to BSN program
RN to BSN Corequisite(s): None

This course focuses on professional issues in nursing, nursing management and the use of research in clinical practice as well as the study of health administration and leadership from the nurse’s perspective. Students apply leadership and management behaviors and skills to providing care for a group of patients and promoting positive consumer relationships; and analyze effectiveness and efficiency of care delivery systems promoting positive health outcomes. The course is five semester hours, including 108 clinical hours.

Outcomes and Objectives

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