James Steen is the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist University. In his first year, he helped to more than double the annual freshman enrollment at HBU. Steen grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and began his Christian walk at a young age. Having previously served as Assistant Vice President for Admission and Enrollment Services at Baylor University, Steen brought a wealth of knowledge when he joined the HBU staff over a decade ago.

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This week’s guest host is Jeremiah Johnston, founder of the Christian Thinkers Society. Our guests were Michael and Lauren McAfee, the Director of Bible Engagement and Director of Community Engagement for the Museum of the Bible. The Museum of the Bible will open in November of this year and showcases one of the largest private collections of Bible artifacts in the world. They discussed the Million Names campaign, which allows donors to have their names displayed within the museum.

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For our Labor Day episode we have guest Joshua Dunn, Director of Campus Recreation here at HBU. In his purview is the Bradshaw Fitness Center, an 80,000 square foot facility that includes a 10,000 square foot fitness floor, Pilates Reformer studio, crossfit box, basketball court, swimming pool, an indoor track and many other amenities.  While open to public membership, students may enjoy the facility for no additional cost. Joshua and Dr. Johnston spoke about his journey from obesity to being physically fit and the dangers of junk food among other topics.

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Renae Schumann, PhD is a nurse and educator in her role at Houston Baptist University.  Her experience in growing programs for nursing in previous organizations lead to her being recommended for the position of Dean by a former boss. She talks about the future of the School of Nursing and its role in helping to produce nurses for the growing healthcare market in the United States. Dr. Schumann is helping to diversify the Nursing Programs at HBU by creating programs that compliment each other and produce skilled nursing professionals.

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Jeremy Burton is the Director of Communications and Marketing at the Museum of the Bible. His work with the Museum of the Bible has helped the organization to garner millions of followers and surpass other major organizations without yet having a single visitor walk through their doors.  On the podcast he shares some of his personal story, details of the museum’s technology and more reasons why we are looking forward to the museum’s opening.

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Dr. Louis Markos is a professor of English at Houston Baptist University. The enthusiasm, passion and energy that he brings to his lectures are just a few reasons why he is known as a student favorite. On this episode of Think about it, Dr. Markos discusses his love for C. S. Lewis and shows how a variety of subjects all tie into the Christian Worldview.

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Dr. Jay Strack is a dynamic communicator and author of of several books.  As this week’s guest, he shared his story and testimony from how he came to Christ, to how he came to build Student Leadership University. At SLU, their mission is to develop and equip student leaders to think, dream and lead.  As an educator, he has taught and brought students to  many locations around the world.

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John Fea, Professor of American History at Messiah College is our special guest this week on Think about it. As a professor of American history John Fea (Pronounced: Fee-Uh) has explored numerous topics about the religious aspects of the  founding of America. In his book, Was America Founded as a Christian Nation: A Historical Introduction he explores this topic in depth.

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Ben Blackwell is Assistant Professor of Theology, Director of Graduate Programs for the School of Christian Thought and Program Coordinator, Undergraduate and Graduate Theology Programs here at Houston Baptist University. Dr. Blackwell speaks of his in-depth knowledge of Pauline soteriology and the reception history of the New Testament.

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Collin Garbarino, PhD is an Associate Professor of History and the Director of Graduate Programs in Humanities. Originally from Lousiana, his teaching focus includes classes on western civilization and ancient and medieval history. In this episode Dr. Garbarino shares details on his background and views on history and the lessons that it teaches.

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