In this episode, Dr. Jerry Johnston sits down with Dr. Spoede to talk about his work in psychological counseling and the role of faith and religion in the healing process.  Given the current issues with opioid addiction facing many Americans, Dr. Spoede speaks on his experiences as a licensed clinical drug counselor.

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Dr. Charlotte Fontenot is the Director of Graduate Programs in Education and Assistant Professor of Education. Her research in the area of Autism and inclusion emphasizes integrating technology into the special education classroom. She shares her experience and successes on this episode while also speaking to the importance of prayer.

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The McNair Center For Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Houston Baptist University’s Administrative Director, Michael Player, speaks on entrepreneurship in his own life and the experiences that brought him to HBU. We would also like to highlight the Quarterly Speakers Symposium taking place on  Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

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HBU Athletic Director, Steve Moniaci, shares details on the athletics programs available at the university. During his tenure, he has successfully transitioned HBU back to NCAA Division I membership status. Steve also talks about the importance of faith in our day-to-day lives and especially for athletes.

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HBU President, Robert B. Sloan, shares details on his young-adult series, Hamelin Stoop, considered a work in the tradition of C.S. Lewis. The first in the series “The Eagle, The Cave, and The Footbridge” is already available in bookstores and the second, “The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna” is out in stores April 4. He also provides an overview of education and the liberal arts tradition at HBU.

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