Transformative Classes for High School Students

Versatile. Classical. Christian.

In keeping with HBU’s 10 Pillars, we offer flexible classical Christian education for dual-credit to High School students through what is often referred to as an Oxbridge model (comprised of seminar classes plus dynamic lectures from first rate HBU faculty).

By partnering with schools and homeschooling parents, we provide a way to enrich and empower your student’s education, through your school or at our HBU campus.

Mission: To move high school students to think holistically, classically, and, most important, Christianly in order to profess that Jesus Christ is Lord in all spheres of knowledge.

The Academy Distinctives
  • Dedicated Christian faculty, with experience in Great Books education.
  • Dual-enrollment, allowing the student to earn transferable college credit from Houston Baptist University while engaged in a rich high school education.
  • Education for the whole soul; Academy classes invite the student to incorporate their heart and soul into their work, knowing that these are as important and as much worth educating as their mind.
  • Automatic acceptance into the Honors College upon admission to Houston Baptist University, with Academy faculty recommendation.
  • A community of friends and mentors, built around mutual love of Christ and a life of learning.
  • Oxbridge model of education (Socratic discussion with contextual lectures given by Ph.D qualified Professors)
  • University courses on offer for Academy students at an Academy rate
  • Training in how to read the great texts of the Western world
  • Training in how to write engaging the great texts of the Western world
  • Training from a Christian perspective by reading texts charitably, from a place of Christian knowledge, and in the context of Christian authority


Fulfillment of the 10 Pillars:

  • Building on the Classics
  • Embrace Higher Christian Education
  • Renew our Campus. Renew our Community
  • Bring Athens and Jerusalem together
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