HBU Student Government Association

We, the Student Association of Houston Baptist University, by and with the consent of the faculty and administration, in order to govern ourselves more wisely; to promote greater understanding and cooperation with the faculty and administration; to foster the recognition of privileges and responsibilities of the students of the University community; to provide opportunity for responsible individual and collective action; to foster high ideals of conduct and academic standing; and to establish worthy traditions, establish the Student Association and the Student Government Association.

All currently enrolled students of Houston Baptist University shall be members of the Student Association and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges outlined therein. The Student Association members shall come from the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes; and from all colleges and schools of the University organized under their dean.


Opal Goolsby Outstanding Teaching Award Voting

It’s the time of year again when we take a moment and honor our hard working faculty members through nomination for the Opal Goolsby Outstanding Teaching Award! The Opal Goolsby Award is a traditional recognition of our very best teaching on the HBU campus. Some of the best judges of great teaching are our students. Student Government Association conducts nominations each Spring for faculty representatives from each of the colleges and schools. A selection committee with representatives from Student Government Association, the faculty Professional Development Committee and the Provost’s Office examine the record of accomplishment for each nominee and carefully select the faculty member who best represents the ideals of outstanding teaching. We’re proud to shine the spotlight on these wonderful examples of wisdom and inspiration on the HBU campus.  List of former Opal Goolsby Award recipients.

Opal Goolsby Nominations Here!



SGA Executive Board

  • Duties of the SGA Executive Board

    Full ExecA. Foster mutual understanding between the administration and students

    B. Coordinate campus-wide activities (along with the Legislative Branch; see Article II, Section IV;SGA Constitution) that promote involvement among the Student Body, Student Orgs, and/or HBU faculty & staff.

    C. Preside over any impeachment proceedings of the Student Government Association

  • President

    Carlos Cruz

    Classification: Junior
    Major(s): Accounting

    “I love being apart of SGA because I love making an impact on my campus! I want to enhance the husky experience and ensure all students are enjoying their College experience.”


  • Vice President

    Hope Johnson

    Classification: Junior
    Major(s): Government; Music Minor

    “I love being a part of SGA because I love HBU and serving my fellow Huskies. SGA gives me an opportunity to give back to the school that has given me so much!”


  • Vice President of Records

    Nam Nhat Nguyen

    Classification: Senior
    Major(s): Biology; Chemistry Minor

    “I love being a part of SGA because I get to have a direct impact on important issues affecting the HBU student body. I also enjoy being the bridge linking my college and the campus community as a whole.”


  • Director of Finance

    Samuel Gomez

    Classification: Senior
    Major(s): Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (BCMB)

    “I love being a part of SGA because there’s no better way to be a part of a community than to serve that community”




  • Director of Public Relations

    Abbe Adams

    Classification: Senior
    Major(s): Management

    “I love being a part of SGA because I can really make a difference at HBU. With better resources and more opportunities I am able to bring change to campus that my classmates requests.”



Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch shall be comprised of one representative from each School or College, two senators from each classification, one residence life representative, one commuter life representative, and one athletics representative.

  • Class Senators

    Freshman: Raven Towns & Rene Avilard

    Sophomore: Michael Clowers & Jaylen Mouton

    Junior: James Burnett

    Senior: Pete Wolfe & David Dunkin


  • School/College Representatives

    Archie W. Dunham College of Business Representative: Stevi Bradley

    College of Education & Behavioral Sciences Representative: Open

    College of Science & Mathematics Representative: Kathleen Weimer

    School of Christian Thought Representative: Chris Atkins

    School of Fine Arts Representative: Emily Cheney

    School of Humanities Representative: Dakota Bowman

    School of Nursing & Allied Health Representative: Lea Rivera

  • Area Representatives

    Residence Life Representative: Phillip Ayala

    Commuter Life Representative: Karissa Acosta

    Athletics Representative: Daniel Garza

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