music education

UG Major: Music (BME)
Vocal/Keyboard, Education or Instrumental

Music Education

The music education degree offers students the opportunity to become professional music educators certified to teach music at all levels (K-12).

The mission of the music education degree is:

  • To provide students with a solid foundation of the principles, values, and unique outcomes of music education in the lives of individuals and the impact at large in society.
  • To offer instruction in the current practices, pedagogies, and strategies to teach music both at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • To provide the student with multiple opportunities to gain experience in real teaching situations, especially in multicultural settings.
  • To encourage students to apply knowledge content and skills in planning, implementing, and assessing music instruction to foster student creativity and higher critical thinking skills.
  • To inspire students to create a vision of excellence in teaching to all learners, knowing that one of the teacher’s responsibilities is to develop and enhance the musical/artistic potential that each person possesses.

The goal for graduates of the music education program is to become authentic models, coaches, and mentors that will inspire others to express themselves through the language of music. In addition, our program strives to prepare teachers who will have the capacity to adapt to the many changes in technology, educational trends, and socio-economic disparities resulting in relevant and meaningful instruction to their future students.