Mr. Movie Man reviews movies

This Week’s Review: A Break

After a long and bruising session with my tax accountant, I was ready for some therapeutic cinematic diversion. But Hollywood failed to deliver anything remotely interesting for the March 24 weekend.

I was somewhat interested  in “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” a new biblical film from the same company that produced “Risen” a few years ago, but it was only advertised once and that trailer did not really grab my attention. I had also been interested by “Entebbe,” but the early reviews were so ghastly I decided to miss this version. I remember a very good television film made not longer after the incident; Yaphet Kotto chewed the scenery very effectively in his depiction of the monstrous Idi Amin. As I understand it, the most serious problem with this new film is a poorly paced ending which was evidently a chance for the producer or director’s current girlfriend to show that she is a good dancer.

Life should improve soon; Spielberg’s new fantasy epic is about to open and the newest “Avengers” installment is due next month.

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