• Folds of Honor

    Huskies Take Part in Folds of Honor Tribute Program

    Pay tribute to two fallen service members this spring. The HBU men’s and women’s golf teams will participate in the Folds of Honor Tribute Program this spring, head coach David Shuster announced. “This is such a great honor for our program to be able to pay tribute to two fine American gentleman who gave their …

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  • Dr. Jon Suter, Movie Man

    This Week’s Review: Batman V. Superman

    Anyone who knows me will understand that I would try to be at the first showing of Batman versus Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  I did try and came away very frustrated; I tried again at another theater the next day and did see it, but not in IMAX.  It is worth seeing, and I may try …

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  • GrothOlson Culture Influencers

    Culture Influencers: Jesse GrothOlson

    JESSE GROTHOLSON, assistant professor of Cinema & New Media Arts, presented at the 10th annual Innovations in Teaching and Learning Technology Conference hosted by Lee College in Baytown, TX in November. His presentation was titled “Using Media for Teaching and Communicating: Best practices for Reaching and Teaching Millennials.”

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  • Digital Vision

    HBU’s Digital Vision

    The world is experiencing a digital revolution! Irrefutably, digital media consumption is growing, while television, radio, print, and other audiences are in decline. One Nielson report indicates that traditional TV viewing trends among 18-24-year-olds has dropped from 26 to 16 hours per week since 2011. Young people subscribe to their own media via the Internet …

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  • Lester Culture Influencer

    Culture Influencers: Dr. Jason Lester

    DR. JASON LESTER, dean of the School of Fine Arts and chair of the music department, had the distinct honor of serving as Governor for the 65th annual Texoma National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Regional Conference held at Oklahoma City University. This conference includes multiple Artist Series presentations, a guest recital by international …

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  • Faculty as Culture influencers

    Culture Influencers: Dr. Dawn Wilson MEd 99′ and Dr. Katie Alaniz, MEd ’11

    DR. DAWN WILSON MEd ’99, professor of Education, and DR. KATIE ALANIZ, MEd ’11  assistant professor of Education, presented at the Technology and Curriculum Conference of Aldine in October. Their presentation was entitled “The Next Generation of Professional Development: Creating a Culture of Coaching for Tech Integration,” and provided an in-depth discussion of their book Naturalizing …

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  • Ferrell Culture

    Culture Influencers: Craig Ferrell

    DR. CRAIG FERRELL, assistant professor of Criminal Justice, spoke at the 2015 IACP Conference and Exposition, Legal Officers Section Track in October in Chicago, Illinois. The session was called “Law and Liberty: The United States Bill of Rights; It is the Guarantee.” This will be a more in-depth discussion of the topic discussed in his …

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  • Sloan

    Doing God’s Work Involves Risk Taking

    Dear Friends, Living life involves risk. Adam and Eve were not told to stay in the Garden of Eden. Instead, they were told that, as human creatures bearing the image of God, they were supposed to rule and subdue the entire earth. That kind of “ruling” does not mean enslavement; it means to be stewards …

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  • Symphony

    3000 Attend Symphony Concert Series

    For the third year, the Houston Symphony performed to a full house in the Morris Cultural Arts Center’s Dunham Theater making a total of nearly 3,000 attending the Symphony Series so far this year. More than 1,500 high school students came for two concerts recently where they were able to interact during a Q&A time …

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  • The City Winter 2015

    “Prove to Me That God Exists”: Getting Clear on Atheism, Agnosticism, and a Few Others Matters

    By Paul Copan After speaking to the Philomathean Society—a debate club —at Union College in Schenectady, New York, a student approached me and demanded : “Prove to me that God exists.” I asked him, “ What would you take as an acceptable level of proof ?” The student paused and eventually responded, “I guess I …

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