The McNair Center For Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise

“Igniting Your Vision With Purpose.”

Essential guidelines for making the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise an effective business institute and incubator:

1. The McNair Center provides dynamic influence on the surrounding economic community by graduating entrepreneurial students prepared to form companies and organizations.
2. The McNair Center’s administrative and educational role is to develop a strategic plan with quantifiable objectives to achieve its mission.

Staff Facilitators and Faculty should strive to model distinguished business courses with a commitment to incorporate industry best practices by:

• Recruiting and sustaining an effective development board committed to the Center’s mission and to maximize management’s role in developing successful companies and organizations
• Promoting the McNair Center programs and activities to the community and build awareness through benevolence and co-op opportunities to help broaden economic development goals and strategies
• Committing to the two core principles of business management: people and improvement orientation{1}
• Training for financial sustainability by offering a realistic business plan model
• Counseling and assisting students who will reinforce company success and wealth creation
• Developing an incubator facility with resources, methods and tools that spark action and outcome
• Developing stakeholder support, including a resource network that assists The McNair Center’s students and supports its mission and operations
• Maintaining a database system which collects statistics and other pertinent information for ongoing support which heightens the Center’s effectiveness as a student resource

{1}Houston, Archester; Dockstader, Steven L. (1997), Total Quality Leadership: A Primer, Washington, D.C: United States Navy, pp. 10-11, OCLC 38886868, retrieved 2013-10-19 “Effective implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) to improve quality and productivity is based upon the philosophy and management principles of W. Edwards Deming.”

The McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Houston Baptist University