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Online Learning Opportunities at HBU

HBU offers fully accredited, 100% online graduate and undergraduate programs to accommodate adults with demanding family and work schedules. The University has long been a leader in higher education with its programs in education and nursing, and the apologetics degree – now garnering attention for its innovative focus on cultural apologetics. HBU’s online programs in education, apologetics and nursing are all designed to provide the same robust learning experience offered to on-campus students. Our faculty is extensively trained to deliver high-quality online courses that are infused with Christian faith and delivered with genuine care for our students.

Undergraduate students can benefit from the flexibility online courses provide now that a handful of core courses are also available online. Students can add an online course to their regular on-campus course schedule without disrupting other commitments; they may also elect to take an HBU core course or two online while away from campus for the summer.

Why Choose Houston Baptist University Online?

  • Accessibility

    The accessibility of online learning makes it a convenient option for students looking to get ahead on their degree or stay on track toward graduation.

  • High-quality education

    At the heart of HBU is its 50-year academic tradition focused on quality of life and quality of learning.


  • Holistic education

    HBU integrates faith and reason in its academics so you are prepared not only for your career, but for a meaningful life in service to God.


  • Affordability

    Nearly 80 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid, and our staff will work with you to discover how to pay for your education.

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