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Trip Dates: June 10-19, 2016

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Join Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr., Dr. Jerry Johnston and Dr. Craig Evans as they teach and explain the amazing historical accuracy of scores of key biblical sites in Israel. Watch your Bible come alive! Experience worship and prayer as you learn the significance of the geography of Scripture and experience spiritual renewal!

Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr.
Jerry Johnston
Dr. Jerry Johnston
Craig Evans
Dr. Craig Evans

Cost includes RT airfare from Houston; hotel (Grand Court Hotel), breakfast and dinner per day, and all transfers, taxes, tips, and fees to all sites.

Itinerary (Subject to Change)

Day 1

Friday, June 10

Depart Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport


Saturday, June 11

Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel for the 45 minute ride to Jerusalem. Take a nap at your 4* hotel and end your day with worship and communion at the Garden Tomb where Jesus rose from dead!

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Sunday, June 12

Visit three important sites on the Mount of Olives; see the most spectacular view in Jerusalem of the Temple Mount and the Old City. Walk down the hill to Dominus Flevit, a first century necropolis which commemorates Jesus weeping over the city, and then enter the Garden of Gethsemene where our Lord prayed.

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Monday, June 13

Visit the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, followed by a tour of the amazing archaeological park (Davidson Center), continue to St. Anne’s Church to visit the Pool of Bethesda. End the day with a guided tour of the City of David and the Pool of Siloam.

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Tuesday, June 14

Visit the Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi (remember David’s encounter with Saul), the Qumran and understand the notable discovery corroborating the biblical narrative of the Dead Sea Scrolls. On the journey back to Jerusalem, stop at the Inn of the Good Samaritan, the repository of many of the antiquities from Judea and Samaria.

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Wednesday, June 15

Visit the Jordan Valley and one of the oldest cities on earth, Jericho; take a cable-car ride to the top of the Mount of Temptation. Understand the how Jesus began his Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem and how the Conquest of Canaan began Optional side trip to the archeological excavation of Khirbet el-Maqatir, the site of Ai (Joshua 7-8) and Ephraim (John 11:53-54).


Thursday, June 16

See where Jesus walked on water and take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Visit the ministry headquarters of Jesus, the city of Capernaum, where Peter lived.

Visit Bethesaida (OT Geshur), view a first century boat at Ginosar, and the city of Tiberias named after the Roman emperor.

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Friday, June 17

See the incredible Mediterranean Sea and coast, Philistine territory, and Caesarea Maritima; learn about the theatre (Acts 24) and the Pontius Pilate Inscription; continue along the coast to Ashkelon to view the remains of one of the five cities of the Philistine pentapolis and the famous Canaanite arched gateway.

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Saturday, June 18

Travel the ancient Via Maris to Megiddo, the site of dozens of battles over the millennia. See the six chambered gate and learn about siege warfare in biblical times. Enjoy the commanding view of the Jezreel Valley, and arrive back in Jerusalem.

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Sunday, June 19

Depart Israel for Houston, Texas.

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