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PSYC 6161 Independent Comprehensive Study
Prerequisite(s): PSYC 5310 and PSYC 5312 and PSYC 5313 and PSYC 5323 and PSYC 5360 and PSYC 6301 and PSYC 6302 and PSYC 6306 and PSYC 6308 and PSYC 6310 and PSYC 6320 and overall GPA 3.0 or higher
This course is designed to facilitate students’ successful completion of the Oral Comprehensive Exam. Students register for this course if they have completed all other coursework but have not yet met the Oral Exam completion requirement for graduation. In the first half of the semester, the class will focus on time management, study strategies, and self-care/coping strategies. In the latter portion of the semester, this course will focus on application of knowledge to career and post-graduation planning. Throughout the semester, students and instructor will plan and co-monitor their progress toward degree completion.

Outcomes and Objectives

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