The Guild

2011-2012 Special Event


Our eyes adjusted to the darkness as we entered the backstage of Dunham Theater, Thursday night, March 22, 2012, and walked down the red carpet. We were immediately greeted by our own HBU paparazzi… capturing each of us, the “stars” of “An Evening Backstage.”

This was the beginning of a night of back-stage delights. Instead of sitting in the audience, Guild ladies and their guests enjoyed Dunham Theater from the viewpoint of the actors, spending the evening up on stage. No acting was needed as we enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner, the tinkling of iced tea glasses, and the scrumptious desserts baked by our own Spring Event Gals. The tables were dressed in black napkins and bow ties, lavender roses graced with the playbills of Broadway musicals, and the laughter of many friends enjoying a relaxing evening in a cocoon of green, purple, and red stage lights.

The view from the stage was striking as Rick Comeaux and Jerry Atwood sang and entertained us with popular songs and renditions from Broadway Musicals. Their talent touched us all; their song and wit put a smile on all of our faces, and brightened up our evening. All too soon the spotlight dimmed, the music stopped, and the actors from the enchanting Spring Event drew the curtain on a night of fun and sweet fellowship. We wish to thank the wonderful Guild members who made all the cakes for our evening performance! The desserts were so tempting and tantalizing and our guests enjoyed them immensely. Co-chairs Cyndi, Justin & Brittney Jacobson…Bravo!!

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