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 2017 Special Event

Quoting attendees for the Spring Event one said it was “knocked out of the park;” another wrote, “what a magnificent event!”  Celebrating our Texas Independence Day was beautifully done by our own Nina Hendee who has a passion about our Texas history like no other.  She weaved so many stories of the personalities involved in our history and created “a big picture” of our great Lone Star State!

Most historians agree that 189 rebel Texians died courageously fighting at the Alamo siege while 6,000 Mexicans surrounding the Alamo.  Eighteen hundred (1,800) Mexicans, led by the cruel General Santa Anna, were killed or fatally wounded.  The 13 day siege at the Alamo mission inspired many volunteers to join in what would be the final decisive battle at San Jacinto; that battle was led by General Sam Houston that lasted only 18 minutes.

We, Texians, need to remember that 181 years ago The Republic of Texas was officially declared independent from Mexico.  We became The Republic of Texas March 2, 1836, nine years before being annexed into the USA.  We are still the Republic of Texas!

The Taste of Texas restaurant menu was super giving us a number of wonderful choices, i.e. Grilled Tenderloin Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad, and or course, their amazing Salad Bar with Soup and Breads  baked daily.

The Guild’s Spring Event was indeed an “event!”  After considering a number of other possible locations for our event, The Taste of Texas and Nina Hendee were chosen and, indeed, were a phenomenal choice!

Peggy Hicks, Nina Hendee, Sharon Saunders & Shirley Asel
Peggy Hicks, Nina Hendee, Sharon Saunders & Shirley Asel
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