Previous Silver Teas

What is a Silver Tea? Historically, the traditional Silver Tea had its roots in the proper English tea, often held in a church and accompanied by a “silver collection.” The silver collection referred to the silver coins the guests placed in a container near the entrance. This was usually a particularly attractive silver bowl into which had been placed the largest available silver coin, with the hope that it would attract more of its kind. Donations were used to further the charitable causes of the host.

Times have changed. Coins are no longer silver, but Silver Teas continue as a gracious means of funding worthy projects. Proceeds from our annual Silver Tea benefit The Guild’s graduate scholarships at Houston Baptist University.

We sincerely appreciate the hospitality of those who have graciously opened their homes for our Silver Tea. To see the photographs of these lovely events, please click on the host’s name.

April 2016 Rhonda & Michael Graff
April 2015 Melissa and Brad Juneau
April 2014 Jana and Scott Arnoldy
April 2013 Vicki and Ken Douglas
April 2012 Doug and Sheryl Bech
March 2011 Ronald & Dorothy Cuenod
March 2010 Rod & Sue Nan Cutsinger
April 2009 Morris Cultural Arts Center
April 2008 Bob & Elysse Lanier
April 2007 Ned & Kay Holmes
April 2006 Shannon Kelley & Mary Lou Retton
April 2005Jim & Pam Humphrey
April 2004 Joe & Dianne Reeves
April 2003 Tony and Mary Gracely
April 2002 William & Kandy Brittain
April 2001 Edd & Nina Hendee
April 2000 Michael & Kim Stevens
April 1999 Ray & Kara Childress
April 1998 Max & Kay Watson
April 1997 Jim & Sherry Smith
April 1996 William, Jr. & Lucy Carl
March 1995 Ms. Dawn Nelson
October 1993 Robert & Janice McNair
September 1992 Mrs. Eddy Scurlock
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