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Sharon Saunders Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Sharon Saunders  Vice President for Advancement and University Relations

When I count my blessings I am thankful for Houston Baptist University, The Guild and YOU!  Christian friends share a joy and passion that transcends our day-to-day activities.  We experience a higher calling … and at HBU we believe our mission is truly a higher education.  Whether it is a time for sorrow or celebration, Guild members always surround each other with love.

As members of The Guild, we have the privilege of changing the lives of HBU students through our scholarships.  Educators, pastors and community leaders are able to realize their potential by studying in our graduate programs. Our prayer is that HBU will be the salt and light in their world and that the lives of our students and members will be transformed.  We are indeed blessed with new beginnings.  And, as you may have heard me say … Every day is a New Day!

Lee Strobel, internationally known Christian author and a member of the HBU faculty, expresses my feeling so well in The Unexpected Adventure, “What we do really matters! As you live your life today, be mindful that even the smallest of acts have the biggest consequences. Pray that God will show you ways you can exhibit His love through acts of sacrifice and service.  Then when you see an open door, be sure to go through it.”

I hope you will experience The Guild and our activities in an amazing way this year.  Open the door and join us as we come together in love to support the mission of HBU.

Always and Forever,
Sharon Saunders

The Unexpected Adventure
Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg

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