Class reading lists by course (Provisional lists)

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Please click on the course title to obtain the reading list.

ACAD 1002 Intro Western Civ Reading List

ACAD 1006 Intro GB B Reading List

Great Books I, ENGL 1313 Composition and Literature I (formerly ENGL 1320 Writing for Wisdom I)

Writing for Wisdom 1 Book List ’17-’18  (only one reader, find her:

Western Civilization Reading List ’17-’18

Three readers for Western Civ, please find here:

Introduction to Philosophy Reading List ’17-’18 (two books added)

Introduction to Philosophy Readers:

Great Books IV, ENGL 1323 Composition and Literature II (formerly ENGL 1330 Writing for Wisdom II)

Writing for Wisdom II Reading List ’17-’18 (updated slightly)


HIST 2313 US to 1877 Reading List

ACAD 1001 Intro GB A Reading List

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