Hermeneutics is the study of how to think and read texts.

As Christians, we take a stance toward texts that is decidedly Christian in perspective.



(1) Hermeneutic of Faith: a hermeneutic that assumes that our faith in the Christian message amounts to knowledge and as knowledge should be utilized in all spheres of inquiry.

(2) Hermeneutic of Authority: a hermeneutic where the discussant takes an attidunal stance toward all texts as submissive to Christ as Lord. Reading is a practice, then, of subjecting all things to Christ and seeing them as opportunities for obedience.

(3) Hermeneutic of Charity: a hermeneutic that is directed toward God and human, yet rooted and motivated by Trinitarian love. In addition to highlighting our differences with alternative perspectives and worldviews, as a community of Christian readers we seek to read texts charitably while taking a stance of charity to one another from a heart of love to God.


*This is part of how we will seek to integrate our faith and learning.


Background Questions in Discussions: 

(1) What is the Creational diversity at work in this piece of literature?


(2) What is the Redemptive overlap or influence found in this piece of literature?


(3) What are the corrupted influences of this piece of literature?


(4) Where is the opportunity to love our neighbors in this piece of literature?


(5) How can we love God through our practice of reading this piece of literature?


(6) Why is obedience necessary and how can we obey God?


*The Professor will display responsible Christian reading in his/her reading, teaching, and leading discussion.


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