Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows high school students to earn college credit in their high school classes. Typically, a college or university will provide a few of their general education classes at a high school, or admit high school students into classes on the university campus.

HBU’s model is different. The Academy at Houston Baptist University utilizes two distinct methods for providing college credit to high schoolers. The Academy has designed a unique high school curriculum that seamlessly integrates university standards and credits into a rich and rewarding high school experience.

Students at The Academy earn transferable college credit at Houston Baptist University in English, History, Philosophy, and Foreign Language. We plan to add math and science classes in the coming years with the hope of providing students with up to 60 units of college credit.

Dual enrollment can be used to accomplish many different goals. We encourage our students to allow dual enrollment to help them reach a level of academic excellence and college preparedness previously unavailable to them. We also know it can help them limit college debt by reducing the number of years they attend a four year university, or allow them to advance their studies beyond what most can achieve in four years.

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