Support Your Student – Mid-Late Semester

March 31, 2017

Spring Break has come and gone, and the craziness of the semester has fully settled in. I see more and more students utilizing the library and the Academic Success Center’s tutoring services every day. Our students have a little over a month until finals, and they are feeling the pressure to succeed.

I talked with a student this morning who expressed that she wishes her parents understood how busy she is right now and understood her need for low levels of communication. As a parent, one of the most helpful things you can do for your student at this time is to give them a little space. They may be overwhelmed with meetings, quizzes, studying, papers, tests, and other responsibilities that leave them little time for anything else. If you consistently call your student several times a day, now may be a good time to cut back on those phone calls. Allow your student to call you when he or she has the time. If you don’t hear from them for a while, send them a text to let them know you’re thinking about them.

This is a great time in the semester to give or send your student a care package to let them know you support and care for them. Here are a few ideas on how to make a great care package:

Make it themed

Center your care package around a certain theme, such as a spa package with a candle, some nail polish, a facial mask, and some sugar scrub. Or maybe an HBU theme where every item is either blue or orange. Perhaps a movie theme with a bowl, popcorn, and a DVD would be a great surprise for your student.

Include a snack

There is nothing quite like a good snack to help students power through studying. A protein bar or trail mix makes a great healthier snack alternative conducive to lending the brain some more fuel. Or feel free to include a favorite sweet treat.

Include a gift card

I have never known a student to complain about gift cards. About this time in the semester, many of our students have had about as much of the on-campus dining hall and Chick-Fil-A as they can take. A small gift card to their favorite restaurant or to a place close to campus will win you some major cool points. Gift cards to coffee shops and grocery stores or corner stores are also always incredibly appreciated.

Send some school supplies

If you are feeling extra compelled to motivate your student to study, feel free to include some fun school supplies. A gel-ink pen, some colorful post-its, index cards, or some compact highlighters are all great things to include in a care package.

Write an encouraging note

Whether you’re a natural encourager or not, make sure you include a small note for your student to motivate them. This lets your student know you support them and also gives you credit for giving them such a caring and wonderfully timed gift.

If your student lives at home, leave the care package in their room or study area as a fun surprise. If your student lives on campus, mail their package directly to them. Our students love receiving packages, especially when they are unexpected!


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