Support Your Student – Finals

May 5, 2017

Today is the last day of class for the semester, which means our students are gearing up for finals. Students handle finals in a myriad of ways- some are overwhelmed by the amount of studying that lies ahead, some feel it is a relief that they are finally here, and many students are grateful for a chance to solely focus on studying without the distraction of all the other co-curricular activities (which are very limited during finals week). Several students even feel finals week is a chance to relax a bit more and leisurely study as needed.

However your student feels about finals, they are surely in need of a bit of encouragement. Take time over these next few days to reach out with an encouraging word for your student. This is also another great time in the semester to send a care package or snack to help your student power through the next week.

If you do not hear from your student during this time, know that they still care about you but might be too focused to communicate with you. Be proactive and reach out to them. Students can retreat so far into their study bubble that they forget a world exists outside of it. Parents are often worried about their students during this time and the lack of communication further complicates the worry. Several students expressed to me they would love to hear from their parents so long as they weren’t “spamming” them (hah! Interpret at your own risk).

Another way we can encourage and support our students is by lifting them up in prayer. Pray for their sleep, their stress, their clarity of mind, and their memory longevity.

Soon your student will be finished with finals and moving on to their next transition, whether that be leaving for an internship, taking summer school, or moving back home. Your student will likely need to a few days after finals to catch up on sleep and recuperate from finals. Regardless of your student’s summer plans, prepare to discuss expectations for the summer so you can work out communication and time together. This will ensure you and your student can navigate the transition as smoothly as possible.


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