Speech Communication (minor)

rrThe ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill for any career. People often judge you by the way you speak, your ability to articulate complex ideas and concepts, and your effectiveness as an advocate for ideas and people. In fact, effective public speaking is such an important skill that students as far back as those in Ancient Rome and Greece have studied the art of rhetoric to hone their speaking skills. At HBU, we want all of our students to make a positive impact in their chosen fields, and encourage you to take a basic communications class like COMM 1323: Rhetoric and Public Speaking.

If you want more practice and help to become an effective speaker, our Speech Communication program (offered as minor only) is designed to complement any major. We’ll not only provide you with foundational skills to be an effective speaker, but also help you develop additional skills that will enhance your ability to make a lasting impression in your chosen career.
MLKBecause so many of our students are interested in law school and business, our Speech Communication minor has been especially designed to assist students in those fields. If you are interested in law school, for example, you can take classes in argumentation, advocacy and legal communications. We also have an award-winning Mock Trial team you can join! If you want to pursue a political career or see yourself in a leadership role, you can study great American speeches and political communications. If psychology, mission work or medicine is your chosen path, a class in intercultural communications will help you understand better how to interact with and relate to people from other cultures. trIn short, the ability to persuade others, advocate for people and make an impression is a timeless skill that will help you succeed in any career. Don’t underestimate the power of persuasion. It’s one of the most important job skills you can possess!

“Studying communications at HBU has prepared me to communicate effectively with the judge and jury. It has trained me to speak with fluency and persuasiveness. The mock trial team was also a great experience.” – Nefi Lopez, Government major and Communications minor, BA 2014

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