MLA Programs

Master of Liberal Arts

The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) offers students an interdisciplinary panorama of knowledge in art, literature, history, culture, and science. The MLA is designed for those who have completed their undergraduate education but who wish to continue intellectual enrichment in a formal academic environment. A thesis option is available. Students in the MLA program represent a variety of educational backgrounds and ages. The degree is of particular interest to those in areas such as education, business, law, medicine, and engineering who desire a high level inquiry into the liberal arts. Classes meet once each week in the evening. A selection of courses from the various liberal arts is offered each semester.

Accelerated Master of Liberal Arts

The Accelerated Master of Liberal Arts (AMLA) degree provides the opportunity for students to earn a graduate degree in five years from their matriculation as an undergraduate freshman.  The AMLA is a track of study within the existing MLA program, building upon the current purpose and vision of the traditional MLA degree—to train students in classical education and prepare them for careers with a deep understanding of the liberal arts. Students begin graduate course work toward an MLA degree during their senior year by completing up to nine MLA hours.

 Master of Liberal Arts w/ Education Specialization

The Master of Liberal Arts with Specialization in Education (MLA-Ed) degree offers students interested in a career in classical/Christian/public education an opportunity to prepare for Texas teacher certification for 4-8 or 7-12, EC-6 Generalist, EC-12 Art, Music, Physical Education or Spanish. A student will take 18 credit hours of MLA course work and will register for the Post Baccalaureate Teaching Certification program to earn 18 credit hours of defined Education course work.  Students are required to adhere to the admissions standards for both programs.  Any MLA scholarships would be applied to course work in the Post Baccalaureate Teaching Certification program.

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