2017 Writers’ Conference Schedule and Session Descriptions

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Saturday, March 4

8:00-8:45 UAC 101 (Registration/Check-in) (Registration/Check-in)
9:00-9:45 UAC Foyer Robin Davidson Poetry and Empathy, Advocacy: Houston Poet Laureate, Dr. Robin Davidson, will discuss the power of poetry both individually and communally in our lives. As readers and writers, poetry offers us the beauties and complexities of language itself (one’s own native language and the multiple other languages, their many musics). That aesthetic experience can become individual, spiritual sustenance. Poetry also offers us the opportunity for deep human connection—the ability to engage across time, histories, and cultures with the experiences and values of others. In poetry we find both appreciation for our common humanity and for our personal and cultural differences. Such empathy can become sociopolitical sustenance and the possibility for mutual respect, love, democracy, peace.
10:00-10:45 UAC Foyer Glass Mountain, UH Undergraduate Literary Journal Poetry, Promise, Perks, and Pitfalls: Publishing an Undergraduate Literary Magazine: Literary magazines are everywhere. What is so special about an undergraduate literary magazine? What set such a journal apart from the rest of the options, other than being published by college students? What does an undergraduate magazine do particularly well? What are the challenges specific to undergraduate magazines? Members of the editorial staff of Glass Mountain, the undergraduate magazine at the University of Houston discuss the reality of magazine publishing by an entirely undergraduate staff.
10:00-10:45 UAC 130 HBU Master of Arts in Apologetics Student Panel Imaginative Apologetics: What C.S. Lewis and Bilbo Baggins Have in Common: Art is a powerful means by which one can influence culture. This will be a panel discussion on how imaginative writing can smuggle Christian ideas into a variety of literature: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, journalism, film & multimedia, social media, and more. Presented by graduate students in Cultural Apologetics at the School of Christian Thought.
10:00-10:45 UAC 150 Fern Brady Making the Most of Houston’s Vibrant Writing Community: Fern Brady, CEO of the Houston Writers Guild, will discuss the many literally organizations that offer a vast array of programs and opportunities for Houston area writers. Come find out the many things Houston has to offer and how you can make use of these opportunities to further your writing craft and career while being a part of this great writing community. Using Anthologies, Magazines, and Journals to Build an Author Following: Fern Brady, Owner of the local Small Press, Inklings Publishing, will share tips on how you can use publication in anthologies, journals, magazines and other area to build your author platform. Producing varied works for these kinds of publication can help you build up a fan base for when you are ready to launch a full length novel. Come learn tips and techniques for maximizing these opportunities for your own writing career.
10:00-10:45 UAC 122 Kirsten Oliphant Platform Isn’t a Dirty Word: How to Enjoy (and Succeed!) with Social Media:  The idea of author platform often elicits groans from writers, but we are living in an age where publishers expect (or demand) it. Whether you plan to publish traditionally or independently, you need to start the work of connecting with readers. This session will cover the basics of building an author platform and arm you with best practices for popular social media channels and your email list.
11:00-11:45 UAC Foyer Bryan Davis An Author’s Journey: I tell the story of my publishing journey—the rejections, the successes, what worked for me, and I include some miraculous occurrences along the way.
12:00-12:45 The Baugh (Lunch) (UAC Lobby and Coffee Room will stay open)
12:30 UAC Foyer HBU Student Reading A selection of poetry and prose by our own undergraduate students.
1:00-1:45 UAC 130 Andrea Barbosa HWG Press Director, Andrea Barbosa will present on finding and working selling venues to market your book and brand yourself as an author. With several years of successful self-publishing under her belt and having worked previously as Author Events Director for the Houston Writers Guild, Andrea knows what selling books is all about and this session will provide tips and techniques you won’t want to miss. Award-Winning poet, Andrea Barbosa, will present on how to find publishing opportunities for your poetry. The genre is a fun and beautiful part of writing but can be hard to publish. Andrea will share tips on locating publications that are looking for poetry and marketing your own poetry books.
 1:00-1:45  UAC 150  Bryan Davis Fantasy and the Reader’s Heart: Using a series of clips from popular fantasy films, Bryan Davis guides the class through the effects fantasy literature has on readers, including how it can inspire readers in their spiritual lives or how it might cause negative effects. He also provides a list of typical fantasy characteristics to help parents discern good, moral fantasy and identify destructive fantasy.
1:00-1:45 UAC 122 Fern Brady
2:00-2:45 UAC 130 Matthew Boyleston Viewed from the Keel of a Canoe: a Reading and Discussion Matthew Boyleston will read from his newly released book of poems, Viewed from the Keel of a Canoe and discuss his poetry, writing process, and tips for emerging writers.
2:00-2:45 UAC 150 Tony Burnett Crafting Short Fiction: Writers’ League of Texas Board President, Tony Burnett, will discuss various approaches to crafting short stories, flash fiction and micro-fiction. Topics will include how to develop character through dialogue, focused plot structure, closure (or not!), and creating impact with vignettes. Bring a notebook, a pen, and your imagination for brief writing exercises.
2:00-2:45 UAC 122 Jack McBride and Tina Angelo, Writers in the Schools House of Memories: A Blueprint for Generating Writing Ideas: Bring creativity back into the classroom with a technique that professional writers use when they “mine” for writing ideas. This hands-on technique will unleash students’ memories and provide them with a plethora of writing ideas. Never again will you have to hear, “I don’t know what to write about.
3:00-3:45 UAC Foyer Doug TenNapel Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in a Foul Culture
3:00-3:45 UAC 130 Sam Dinger How Do They Do it? Reading Like a Writer to Figure out Why Your Favorite Story is Your Favorite Story
3:00-3:45 UAC 150 Manon Lavoie Writing and the concept of time: Scheduling your writing and book production activities: So you want to write a novel and want to know how long it will take? Or you’re done writing your first draft and want to know how long it will take to publish? This session will give you the tools to evaluate how long your writing project will take you, and what steps you need to consider to bring your book from draft to published. You will be provide with the tools to produce an effective schedule and evaluate if you overwork yourself in the process.
3:00-3:45 UAC 122 Andrea Barbosa Award-Winning poet, Andrea Barbosa, will present on how to find publishing opportunities for your poetry. The genre is a fun and beautiful part of writing but can be hard to publish. Andrea will share tips on locating publications that are looking for poetry and marketing your own poetry books.
4:00-4:45  UAC Foyer Lou Markos The Necessity of the Arts for a Christian Worldview: In this speech, I will fashion an aesthetics of incarnation, one that will not only speak to the potential of the arts to bear a heavy weight of spiritual meaning but that will champion the ability of the arts to break down the finally artificial dichotomies of facts/values, rational/emotional, and reason/faith. In constructing this aesthetic I will draw on such things as Augustine’s focus on the allegorical meaning of scripture, the Orthodox emphasis on icons as symbols of the incarnation, and the biblical view of God as one who works in and through secular history.


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