Department of Cinema, Media Arts, and Writing

Cinema & New Media Arts

The School of Fine Arts offers a variety of dynamic degrees in contemporary media arts, writing, and theater.

The Cinema & New Media Arts (CNMA) program provides a challenging creative environment for students to develop their artistic abilities and prepare for future work in multimedia production. Taking advantage of developing technology, the curriculum is uniquely focused on new opportunities available to filmmakers, media artists, and storytellers in the twenty-first century. The program offers students ample opportunities for practical, hands-on experience coupled with mentorship from experienced faculty members. All of this is designed to prepare students for a variety of pursuits, including filmmaking, digital design, journalism, video games, and emerging opportunities in new media and technology.

Three degrees are available to CNMA students: a streamlined 40 credit hour BA in Mass Media Arts, a comprehensive 57 credit hour BFA in Cinematic Arts, and a 58 credit hour BFA in Interactive Media & Digital Design.

The Writing major and minor prepare students to explore the creative potential of the written word. Like J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, we understand the act of writing as an act of sub-creation in which the writer worships God the artist in the writing of original work. Students take intensive writing workshops in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and playwriting with well published writers in these fields. Furthermore, these students connect with the rich opportunities the writing community of Houston offers such as publication experiences, professional writing internships, writing conferences, and readings from world famous writers.

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Department of Cinema, Media Arts, and Writing

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