Fine Arts Museum

The HBU Fine Arts Museum is located in the University Academic Center on campus. This 1,100-square foot, state-of-the-art Museum was designed by Studio RED architects. The HBU Fine Arts Museum opened on September 20, 2012.

Six religious-themed masterworks from the collection of Sharon and William Morris, including Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness by Anthony Van Dyck and a 15th century Russian Icon that was formerly on display at the Menil Collection, are presently on display.

The Fine Arts Museum promotes the understanding of the visual arts and their importance to cultural and intellectual history through direct experiences with original works of art and through an interdisciplinary approach to its collections, exhibitions, publications, and programs. These activities support lifelong learning among a range of audiences, including the University family and the broader Houston community.

The Fine Arts Museum at HBU is home to six religious-themed masterworks from the collection of Sharon and William Morris. The exhibition of a collection of this caliber, including a 16th century Russian work that was previously on display at The Menil Collection, is the latest expression of the University’s academic and emotional admiration for the role of the arts in the Christian faith’s cultural heritage, a key component of the eighth pillar of the Ten Pillars vision.

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