HBU Apologetics Day

Imagination, Reason, and Revelation

(This event was held on March 24, 2018.)


Come learn how reason and the imagination work together in effective apologetics. Some of HBU’s top scholars will be presenting at this one-day event that will help you to effectively communicate and defend the Christian faith. This one-day conference will cover topics such as the reliability of the Gospels, C. S. Lewis’s approach to apologetics, arguments for the existence of God, and relational apologetics.

Plenary Speakers: Craig Evans, Michael Ward, Jerry Walls

Breakout Speakers: Kristen Davis, Jeremiah Johnston, Tyler McNabb, Holly Ordway, Phil Tallon, Melissa Travis, Mary Jo Sharp.

Participants are invited to stay for an evening service at 6pm, featuring Lee Strobel.

Cost: $35.00 for individuals / $45.00 for couples / $15.00 students (there will be an additional $10 door fee for registering at the event the day of)



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