Faculty as Culture influencers

Culture Influencers: Nancy Pearcey

Nancy PearceyNancy Pearcey, professor of apologetics and scholar in residence, was invited to be the inaugural speaker at the opening event of Cedarville College’s new apologetics center. Pearcey was invited to contribute the Foreword for a new book by well-known apologist Greg Koukl, “The Story of Reality.” Pearcey was also invited to speak at Dallas Baptist University on the legacy of the influential apologist Francis Schaeffer, founder of L’Abri fellowship. Pearcey was a student at L’Abri in the early 1970s when Schaeffer was teaching there. In addition, Pearcey was invited to give a lecture hosted jointly by the Bible and Beer Consortium and Art House Dallas, and delivered at the Museum of Biblical Art, on the subject of “Art as an Apologetic.” Most recently Pearcey was invited to give two keynote addresses and a workshop at the national leadership conference of Adventist Schools in Australia and New Zealand, a conference for superintendents and principals. Her topics were “Test Everything: 5 Principles for the Pursuit of Truth on Campus and in the World” (based on her book Finding Truth); ” Escaping the Matrix: How to Overcome the Sacred/Secular Divide to Think, Study and Love with Integrity” (based on her book Total Truth); and “The Joy of Worldview: Educating for Sexual Authenticity in a Secular Wasteland” (based on her forthcoming book on the subject to be released January 2018).

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