“A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest

Prior Winners


2017 Winners:

Piece of the Past Awards Winners with Dr. Stewart Morris

Grand Prize Winner:

Corrie McCloy, “American Zouave: Fighting in Style”

Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts

1st   Christina Ta, “The Winnebago Indian: A Mysterious Doll and A People We Are Forever Connected to”

2nd   Veeronica Valle, “Dolls, Art, and Revolution: The Lay Figure Dolls for Jacques-Loui David’s The Coronation of Napoleon”

Dunham Bible Museum

Dunham Bible Museum Award Winners

1st   Jonathan Richie, “On the Style and Substance in Fragments of a Greek Manuscript”

2nd   Marisa Villarreal, “Clearing the Hurdles: The Gullah Bible of 2005


Art Museums

1st    Emilia Forbau, “Reclaiming the Christianized Jesus: Chagall’s Esquisse Pour L’Exode”

2nd   Abigail Sims, “Split Rings: An Exercise in Minimalism, or How I Met Modern Art and Learned to Love It”

Freshman/HBU Academy

1st   Alexander Hale, “War of the Boys: The Child’s Zouave Uniform”

2nd   Ana Kriletic, “The Bible As A Weapon of Defense: Julia Evelina Smith’s Translated Bible”

2016 Winners

6th Annual “A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest Winners, 2016

2016 Winners:

2016 Winners of the “Piece of the Past” contest, with Stewart Morris in center and Dr. Sloan in background.

Grand Prize Winner:

Jonathan Richie, “The Bodey Oil Lamp: The Illumination of Dating Through Construction and Design”

Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts

1st        Cora Cobb, “Reconstruction Era Quilts: Piecing Families Together”

2nd       Nathan Cobb, “The Pianola: Profane or Beneficial?”

Dunham Bible Museum

1st        Madeline Thorpe, “Justice in the Balance: The Word against the World in Acts and Monuments —An Original Leaf—Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, 1576”

2rd        Emil Simon, “The Bible Says What? The Wicked Bible”

Art Museums

1st        Allison Thai, “The Marriage At Cana by Marten Pepyn: A Baroque Treatment of Christ’s First Miracle”

2nd       Duyen Nguyen, “Francken’s The Last Judgment”


1st       Corrie McCloy, “The Realm of the Brownie”

2nd       Amber Ontiveros, “The Birth of Modern Medicine”: William Gunnell’s Surgeon’s Set”

HBU Academy

1st        Alexander B. Hale, “Surgical Saviors: The Civil War Era Surgeon’s Set”

2nd       Sidarth Joshi, “The Minie Ball —The Innovation that Devastated the Confederacy”


Plus Additional Prizes in Five Categories:
1. Museum of Southern History 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
2. Dunham Bible Museum 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
3. The Museum of Decorative Arts 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
4. Fine Arts /Contemporary Art  Museums 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
5. Best Freshman Essays 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250


Grand Prize Winner

Southern History Museum

American Architecture and Decorative Arts

Dunham Bible Museum

Art Museums


1st       Blake Richards, “The Surrender of Galveston and the Battle to Win It Back” (Southern History Museum)

2nd       Doris M. Benavides, “Girls Gone Wild: The Flapper Dress” (Southern History Museum)



Winners of the 2014 “A Piece of the Past”  museum essay contest were announced March 27, 2014 at a special dinner for participants at the River Oaks Country Club. Essays from the contest can be read here.

Grand Prize Winner

Andrew S. Jimenez, “America’s Heroes: Houston’s WWI Training Camp” (Southern History Museum)

American Architecture and Decorative Arts

  • 1st       Justin R. Brittain, “Transcending the Toy Box:  The Changing Meaning of the Doll”
  • 2nd     Katie L. Kuhlman, “Always Remembered: A Human Hair Decoration from VictorianTimes”

Dunham Bible Museum

Museum of Southern History

  • 1st       Kyra Brown, “More Than Just A Mammy: The Story Behind the Historic Academy Award Win of Hattie McDaniel”
  • 2nd     Dayna C. Patterson, “Violence and Hate Without Reason”: A Ku Klux Klan Hood of the 1920s”

Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery

  • 1st       Tia Lee Wettman, “Chagall’s Symbolism: Esquisse Pour L’Exode”
  • 2nd     Nathan Cobb, “The Matterhorn: A Spirit of Adventure

Freshman Category

  • 1st       Elizabeth J. Shecterle, “A Different Kind of Surgery: A Civil War Era Surgeon’s Set”
  • 2nd     Samuel J. DeForke, “The Model 1842 Percussion Pistol – Its Time in History”




Museum of Decorative Arts

Dunham Bible Museum

Museum of Southern History

Freshman Category

Honorable Mention


Dunham Bible Museum

1st place, Nicholas van Cleve, “A Story of Remarkable Recovery”

2nd place, Andrew Adler, “The Initiative of John Eliot in the Translation and Printing of the Algonquian Bible


Dunham Bible Museum

1st place, Nicholas Mario Bruno, “Matthew Carey’s Douay-Rheims Bible”

2nd place, Andrew Adler, Adoniram Judson’s Burmese Bible: A Product of Intellect, Passion, and Providence”


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