A Piece of the Past Museum Writing Contest


“A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest was inaugurated in 2010-2011 to encourage student research into the artifacts of the Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Southern History.

Funding for the contest has been generously provided by The Joella and Stewart Morris Foundation and Mr. Isaac Heimbinder.

6th Annual “A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest Winners, 2016

Find out more about the upcoming 7th Annual ” A Piece of the Past” Museum Essay Contest, 2017.

2016 Winners:

2016 Winners of the “Piece of the Past” contest, with Stewart Morris in center and Dr. Sloan in background.

Grand Prize Winner:

Jonathan Richie, “The Bodey Oil Lamp: The Illumination of Dating Through Construction and Design”

Southern History/American Architecture and Decorative Arts

1st        Cora Cobb, “Reconstruction Era Quilts: Piecing Families Together”

2nd       Nathan Cobb, “The Pianola: Profane or Beneficial?”

Dunham Bible Museum

1st        Madeline Thorpe, “Justice in the Balance: The Word against the World in Acts and Monuments —An Original Leaf—Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, 1576”

2rd        Emil Simon, “The Bible Says What? The Wicked Bible”

Art Museums

1st        Allison Thai, “The Marriage At Cana by Marten Pepyn: A Baroque Treatment of Christ’s First Miracle”

2nd       Duyen Nguyen, “Francken’s The Last Judgment”


1st       Corrie McCloy, “The Realm of the Brownie”

2nd       Amber Ontiveros, “The Birth of Modern Medicine”: William Gunnell’s Surgeon’s Set”

HBU Academy

1st        Alexander B. Hale, “Surgical Saviors: The Civil War Era Surgeon’s Set”

2nd       Sidarth Joshi, “The Minie Ball —The Innovation that Devastated the Confederacy”


Plus Additional Prizes in Five Categories:
1. Museum of Southern History 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
2. Dunham Bible Museum 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
3. The Museum of Decorative Arts 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
4. Fine Arts /Contemporary Art  Museums 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250
5. Best Freshman Essays 1st place:  $500 2nd place $250


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