Just change the ustream src url from http:// to https://, will work fine.


Zenfolio does not support HTTPS, therefore I had to build a workaround. What we are doing is using a custom shortcode I wrote which takes the place of the iframe. Inside of the shortcode I proxy the request over to their non-ssl server.

[zenfolio allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ height=”360″ scrolling=”0″ src=”″ style=”background-color:transparent;” width=”480″][/zenfolio]


I can not see any way we can get the code you sent over to work. My Chrome and Firefox won’t even allow it to load on a regular HTML page because Flash and the flash technique they are using is disabled by default in all modern browsers starting a while ago. I doubt those streams would even allow you to load them off your old server.

We will need to ask that company if they can provide a different, modern, way to embed the stream, if they can just provide us a link we can open in a new tab, or you might have to consider moving to something like YouTube Live.


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