Veteran Outreach Channels

Veterans are faced with challenges everyday following their service. Sometimes veterans need help finding programs to assist them in their everyday lives. From healthcare, benefits, or special veteran programs, we’ve worked diligently to ensure you can access those resources through our website. If you have hit a wall or in need of any assistance, chances are we have been there before. We are always available to any vet facing issues. Our peer-to-peer confidential assistance is very important to us and we hope you feel welcome to seek our guidance.  We have listed some known programs that we recommend to get you started. If you do not see something that assists you, please contact us and we will go over all the resources that we’ve used in the past order to meet the needs we have as vets.


Peer-to-peer Counseling

Some of these needs are met through physical and mental health facilities, but the most unmet need is that of veteran fellowship. We are a unique community and often just desire to have the opportunity to sit down and speak with someone that we can relate to. The Husky Veterans Association will provide an opportunity for veterans to gather in our Veteran Service Center on campus and hang out with their peers. In addition, members will provide confidential peer-to-peer counseling.

If you are unable to contact anyone within the HVA group, or would like to speak to someone more anonymously. Please contact the VA Crisis Hotline. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

VA Crisis Hotline number

1-800-273-8255 press 1



Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking community provides many resources and educational information to stop your addiction.


Substance Abuse

Addiction Resource is committed to providing educational resources that pertain to veterans. The information provided gives an insight to how and why veterans may have a substance abuse. Please check out the website if you suffer from an addiction. If you would like to address your addiction there are some helpful resources provided. AddictionResource.com/Veterans


Wounded Warrior Project





My name is Mary Concannon and I am a Benefits Liaison with Wounded Warrior Project. My role is to assist veterans secure and increase their benefits for service-connected disabilities. I am an accredited Veterans Service Officer and have offices in both Clear Lake and at the VA Regional Office, as well as a work space at the Combined Arms Center in downtown Houston. If you need assistance with your VA benefits, please register with Wounded Warrior Project (Register) and then contact me for help.
Email: mconcannon@woundedwarriorproject.org
Phone: 904-515-8479 or 832-536-3212

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