HBU Football Founders

Touchdown Club – 250K and up

Jim and Suzanne Skaggs
Archie and Linda Dunham

Leaders of the Pack - 100K to 250K

Jesse Marion
Dale Jefferson
Dr. Stewart and Joella Morris
Dr. Robert and Sue Sloan

Husky Heroes - 10K to 100K

Chuck Lowrey
Dale Jefferson
Bob Schlanger 
Bruce Williams
Dr. Stewart and Joella Morris
Steve Trauber 
Chuck Lowrey 
David and Kristi Lumpkins

Lockers for Leaders - 2,500 to 10K

Dr. Avin and Nancy Brownlee
John and Frances Curtis
Corky and Ann Dragoo
Wayne and Pat Goettsche
Jesse Marion
Paul and Betty Lou Martin
Richard Meek
Steve and Cathy Moniaci
Frank and Sandy Mooney
Mark and Judi Pyburn
Tom Reiser
Dr. Les and Sharon Saunders
Richard Staley
Tadd Tellepsen
Dan Wilford
Judi and Mark Pyburn
Paul and Betty Lou Martin   
Whit and Leigh Goodwin and Family
Ritamarie and Thomas Tauer
John Strohman
McNair Foundation
Brian Long
Mike and Linda Watson
Bob and Linda Powell 
Mark Nicholas
Brad Hovious
Dr. Jackie Horn
Steve Braun
Steve Ferrel
HBU Alumni Board
Chris Chesney
John Furnace
Branden Mickan
Mark Ammerman
Bobby Towery
Bill Faloon
Arthur Keller