Lee Strobel, MSL

  • Elizabeth and John Gibson Chair in Apologetics
  • Professor of Christian Thought


  • MSL, Yale Law School
  • Bachelor of Journalism, University of Missouri


Courses Taught

  • The Unexpected Adventure: An Introduction to Evangelism


Teaching Focus

Evangelism and apologetics




  • The Case for Christ
  • The Case for Faith
  • The Case for a Creator
  • The Case for the Real Jesus
  • The Unexpected Adventure: Taking Everyday Risks to Talk With People About Jesus (with Mark Mittelberg)
  • The Case for Easter
  • The Case for Christmas
  • The Case for Christ Study Bible (general editor)
  • Searching for the Real Jesus
  • Reckless Homicide: Ford’s Pinto Trial
  • Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary
  • What Jesus Would Say
  • God’s Outrageous Claims
  • Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage (with Leslie Strobel)
  • Exploring the DaVinci Code (with Garry Poole)
  • The Case for the Resurrection
  • The Ambition: A Novel
  • Co-author of nine books for students and children


  • Becoming a Contagious Christian Training Course (with Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg)
  • Exploring Christianity’s Ten Toughest Questions (with Garry Poole)
  • Faith Under Fire Curriculum Series (four volumes, with Garry Poole)
  • The Case for Christ Curriculum (with Garry Poole)
  • The Case for Faith Curriculum (with Garry Poole)
  • The Case for a Creator Curriculum (with Garry Poole)
  • Discussing the DaVinci Code (with Garry Poole)

Book chapters, articles, films

  • This We Believe: The Good News of Jesus Christ for the World
  • Who Made God And Answers to 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith (two chapters)
  • Finding God’s Peace in Perilous Times
  • The Apologetics Study Bible (contributor)
  • Articles in variety of Christian magazines (including Decision, Discipleship Journal and Christian Research Journal) and secular publications (including Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal online editions)
  • Featured in nationally televised films based on The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith and The Case for a Creator, and contributed to The Jesus Film (apologetics edition)


Awards and Honors

  • Ford Foundation Fellowship
  • Len H. Small Memorial Award for Community Service Journalism from United Press International
  • United Press International’s highest Illinois award for Community Service Journalism
  • United Press International’s highest Illinois award for investigative reporting (shared)
  • Christian Book of the Year from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (with Garry Poole)
  • Four Gold Medallions from Evangelical Christian Publishers Association
  • Christianity Today Apologetics and Evangelism Book of the Year
  • Logos Book Association Award (theology/doctrine/reference)
  • Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary


Additional Information

  • Member, Evangelical Philosophical Society
  • Member, Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education
  • Apologetics Fellow, The Centennial Institute

Strobel, a former atheist who was legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, is now co-director of The Institute at Cherry Hills, an evangelism and apologetics ministry. He hosted the national network television program Faith Under Fire for two seasons. He is a former teaching pastor at two of America’s largest and most influential churches. He also taught First Amendment law at Roosevelt University. He has spoken at universities, seminaries, major churches, and apologetics and evangelism conferences around the United States and abroad. He has appeared on ABC, CNN, PBS, Fox and Fox News, as well as such national radio programs as The Bible Answer Man and Focus on the Family. His newsletter, Investigating Faith, is distributed by Biblegateway.

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