Advising in the College of Science and Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics provides academic advising for students who have chosen a major in Biology, Biochemistry-Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics. Each student is assigned to a faculty academic advisor once one of our majors has been chosen and the student has registered for classes.

In addition, we offer advising for students who have chosen an Education major in the areas of Composite Science, Life Science, Physical Science and Math Studies. Students who plan a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant and optometry can also receive advising from the Health Professions Office.

Students will meet with their academic advisor at least once each semester to choose courses for registration, discuss career goals and other items of interest. Advice for course selections is based on the majors the student has selected and their specific career plans.

Many forms that you may need for your advising sessions can be found and printed from the Registrar’s page. Another helpful resource will be the University catalog and calendar.

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