HBU College of Engineering Congratulates Cyber Impact Award Winners from 2018 Science and Engineering Fair of Houston

Dr. Keith Drake and Dr. Stan Napper judged the projects at the 2018 Houston Science and Engineering Fair on February 24 to identify the projects, and students, who made the greatest impact on cybersecurity. Award winners received a gift from the HBU College of Engineering. The first-place winner received the offer of a Merit Scholarship Award to attend HBU.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place Cyber Impact Awards, presented by Dr. Keith Drake, at the Houston Science and Engineering Fair

1st place:  Mike Hermes from Friendswood High School  for “Automated Control of Water Pumping and Heating Systems Using a Smartphone or PC”

2nd place: Hannah Craft (2nd from left beside Dr. Keith Drake) from Clear Falls High School for “Software Hierarchy for Robotic Control”

3rd place:  Nicole Kowalchuk from St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School (competing in the Junior Division) for “Hacker’s Power: Safest Passwords from Hackers”

Dean Stan Napper Presents Cyber Engineering at HBU to Houston Cyber Summit

Dr. Stan Napper, dean of the College of Engineering at Houston Baptist University, presented the Cyber Engineering program as a key solution to the critical shortage of cybersecurity workforce. Dr. Napper spoke during the 2nd Annual Houston Cyber Summit, on Feb. 28, 2018 at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston.

In addition, Dr. Napper spoke about the distinct features of the new programs in Cyber EngineeringElectrical Engineering, and Computer Science at HBU, which will provide graduates to meet the significant demand for a cyber workforce. These degree programs combine STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), IT (computing and Information Technology), and Faith (Christian values and beliefs) to produce new professionals for the “digital workforce” that is under-served in the Houston metro area. These graduates will utilize God-given resources and talents to serve humanity by solving technical challenges efficiently and securely.


The Cyber Summit agenda was organized by members of the Cyber Task Force, of the Greater Houston Partnership. The Cyber Task Force released an executive briefing, and a cyber preparedness assessment during the Summit. Dr. Napper is a member of this Task Force.


The HBU College of Engineering (www.hbu.edu/engineering) was also a Community Partner Sponsor of the Cyber Summit, and presented information on the College to attendees in the exhibit hall.

For more information, see www.houstoncybersummit.com, or www.cyberhouston.org.

President Robert Sloan Offers “Engineering and the Christian Worldview”

In Dr. Sloan’s blog post of February 7, 2018, he describes the role of engineering in caring for God’s creation by bringing order. The article on “Engineering and the Christian Worldview” defines engineering, and describes key responsibilities for engineers:

  • Engineers help build society (by bringing order, and through order bringing worship)
  • Engineers should be agents of life
  • Engineers are called to worship

These roles and responsibilities formed the key components of President Sloan’s “Charge to the College of Engineering,” during the Commissioning Service on January 31, 2018.


HBU College of Engineering Commissioning Service Marks the Beginning of Program

A special Commissioning Service marked the beginning of the College of Engineering at Houston Baptist University. The ceremony was held during the weekly student convocation on January 31, 2018. The event was broadcast live on Facebook, and can be viewed on the HBU Facebook page.

The College of Engineering is recruiting the first cohort of students in the fall of 2018; students may major in Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science*. The launch is the result of work by the Engineering Advisory Board, University administration and the Board of Trustees, and especially the support provided by the MD Anderson Foundation and the Fondren Foundation.

During the ceremony, Dr. Robert B. Sloan, HBU president, described engineering as a field which mirrors God’s creative nature, and which embodies His commandments to the first humans in Genesis to be fruitful and to subdue and rule in the earth. “Engineering is the practice of taking ideas and information, and translating them into reality,” Sloan said. “When engineers build a structure, they’re extending order into God’s creation. To bring order, beauty and goodness into the world is an act of worship when we offer it back to God.”

Sloan charged the leaders of the college to remain true to its founding principles, and to the mission of the University as a whole. He credited the advisory board, chaired by Carl Glaw, for its commitment to seeing the college become a reality.

Engineering service3Dr. Stanley A. Napper, founding dean of the College of Engineering, described his involvement in helping start the college as an important mission. “We could become the best college in the world for incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering & math), IT (information technology) and faith,” he said. “Certainly, this specialty is needed in the Houston metropolitan area and in the entire country.”

Board member, and Memorial Hermann information security officer, Randy Yates, reiterated the need for experts in the engineering specialties. “Most people use technology in one way or another on a daily basis,” he said. “The possibilities for the graduates of the program are endless.”

The school continues to recruit students, faculty and support.

Visit HBU.edu/Engineering for more information.

(*The College of Engineering programs are pending approval from the regional accrediting body, SACSCOC.)


Dean Stan Napper asks Houston to “Think About It …”, The New College of Engineering at HBU

On the February 14, 2018 edition of the HBU podcast, “Think About It…”, Dr. Stan Napper, Dean of the College of Engineering at HBU, describes his journey to HBU, his mission and motivation, and some of the steps HBU is taking to launch a new College. This podcast, one in a series of thoughtful conversations with HBU faculty and leadership, introduces the new leader and the new college.

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