Mathematical Studies (4-8) with Teacher Certification

The mathematical studies major (4-8) is available only for students seeking teacher certification in mathematics with a specialization in middle high school (4-8). All students must complete the Liberal Arts Core in addition to the below listed coursework.

Course No. Course Name Hours
EDUC 2320 Learning and Development 3
EDUC 2330 Foundations of American Educational Thought 3
EDBI 4304 Methods of Teaching ESL 3
EDBI 4305 Second Language Acquisition 3
EDRE 4330 Teaching Content Area Reading Skills 3
EDSP 4302 Survey of Exceptional Children 3
ETEC 4306 Educational Applications of Technology 3
EDSP 4311 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching of Exceptional Children 3
EDSP 4325 Educating Gifted Learners 3
EDUC 4100 TExES State Certification Exam Preparation Seminar 1
EDUC 4311 Curriculum & Instruction in the Secondary School 3
EDUC 4320 Teaching Methodology for Secondary Teachers** 3
EDUC 4400 Clinical Teaching Seminar 4
EDUC 4893 Clinical Teaching in the Middle School Grades (with appropriate placement) 3
MATH 1313 College Algebra 3 (LACC*)
MATH 1323 Trigonometry 3
MATH 1434 Pre-Calculus 4
MATH 1451 Calculus I 4
MATH 2302 Foundations of Arithmetic and Numeration 3
MATH 2303 Foundations of Geometry, Measurement, Probability and Statistics
MATH 3302 Foundations of Geometry
MATH 3311 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics 3
MATH 3404 Probability and Statistics with Computer Applications 4
MATH 4201 Mathematical Topics in Education (Pre-req. 15 hrs in math, Jr. standing) 2
INDC 4360 Essential Elements of Math 3
Total Hours in Major 130

*LACC indicates courses that have been taken in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum.

**Drawing on the subject-specific training and expertise of our faculty, EDUC 4320 provides subject-specific methods instruction via subject-specific textbooks, instruction, and assignments aligned with subject-specific standards for teacher preparation at the state and national levels. Each assignment and assignment rubric is keyed to state and national subject-specific teacher preparation standards and allows for collaboration, feedback, practice in teaching via lessons in the college classroom and fieldwork in local diverse middle/high schools, and supports subject-specific learning groups. Students enroll in the course section of EDUC 4320 that is specific to their subject.