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At the heart of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is the desire to help our students grow in knowledge and in faith as they prepare to serve the community and the world. Our students have the unique opportunity to gain not only a higher education, but a distinct perspective they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The COEBS faculty are passionate about their calling to teach and are committed to a student centered approach to teaching. We believe that through field-based learning, research-oriented activities, and the integration of technology, our students will be fully equipped to serve in the fields of education or behavioral sciences.

Teachers are foundational to society. Like parents, they shoulder responsibility for the development of our nation’s youth. The vision of COEBS is to equip our students to engage with the schools, both public, private, and charter, in ways that shine a light and illuminate a path for children to develop their God-given gifts. For those individuals who are troubled or in need, counseling and psychology graduates are that beacon in the chaos bringing expertise coupled with prayer and compassion.

Additionally, the psychology program offers a unique approach to learning that prepares students to use interpersonal, analytical and critical thinking skills that will be required in any professional environment. The courses that make up our psychology program will lead you to a higher wisdom in understanding life, people, and the world around you.

With the growing diversity of programs offered in COEBS, there are various avenues individuals can take to reach their personal and professional goals whether it be an undergraduate degree, a Master’s degree, additional certifications or licensures, or embarking on a doctoral degree.

We hope you consider joining us on our journey towards a higher education as you seek to discover God’s unique plan for your life!


Carol McGaughey, EdD
Acting Dean, School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

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