HBU graduate students visit a global advertising firm in Santiago, Chile

MIB: Master of International Business

National borders no longer constrain businesses. Cash management is done globally. Manufacturing cycles stretches from Europe to China. Leaders manage virtual teams that span continents. Investment capital is found in China, New York, Japan, and Europe. Import/export activities must deal with terrorism. Marketers must adapt global products to local markets.

HBU’s Master of International Business will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to be a manager in international business. The MIB is a 15-to-24-month program in which every course deals with international business. If you work in a company that has international operations, you should consider the HBU MIB.

HBU’s Master of International Business program has the following distinctives:

  • Students take an international trip to study business in foreign countries.
  • Students take interdisciplinary courses in Political Economics and Foreign Cultures that prepare them for issues beyond traditional business boundaries.
  • Program has a lockstep structure, with all courses focused on international business.
  • Cohort-based study groups and project teams greatly help the learning process.

A new MIB cohort is admitted once a year, in the fall semester, and advances through the program together, taking the same courses on the same schedule. If you do not have requisite undergraduate coursework from a regionally accredited institution, you will take additional courses during the spring and summer semesters preceding the fall semester you intend to start.  Each class meets one night per week.

Degree Requirements

Leveling Courses required for students without BBA:

ACCT 5362   Accounting Principles
ECON 5363  Economic Principles
FINA  5260    Finance Principles
MGMT 5260  Decision Making Techniques for Managers
MGMT 5261  Management Principles

Core Courses:

CISM  6367  Global Business and Technology Strategies
FINA 6333    International Finance
ECON 6330   Global Political Economy
INDC 6331   Foreign Cultures
MGMT 6303  Global Project Management
MGMT 6307  International Law
MGMT 6346  Global Supply Chain Management
MGMT 6374  Global Strategy
MGMT 6378  Management of Global HR
MGMT 6395  International Management Experience
MKTG 6333  International Marketing Seminar