Alumni Board of Directors

Alumni Board of Directors at 2016 Spirit of Excellence Gala

The HBU Alumni Board of Directors is composed of alumni that span many ages and walks of life and represent over 17,000 HBU alumni in order to strengthen the HBU Alumni community. The HBU Alumni Board of Directors has worked vigorously to help individuals find their comfortable level of participation with the association in order to bring the network closer together. Through various ways of serve and giving back, the HBU Alumni Board is continually strengthening university and alumni relations and is actively advancing the vision of Houston Baptist University. Their work has developed and increased the reputation of the Houston Baptist University.


HBU Alumni Board of Directors 2017

Branden Mickan ’08
Chair of the Alumni Board
Houston, TX
BBA 2008, Houston Baptist University

George Anderson ’91
Sugar Land, TX
BS 1990, Houston Baptist University

Bryce Burch ’01
Humble, TX
BBA 2001, Houston Baptist University

Bobby Delgado ’01
Rosenberg, TX
BA 2001, Houston Baptist University

Aaron Diehl ’06
Houston, TX
BBA 2006, Houston Baptist University

Taylor Ducoff  ’13
Kingwood, TX
BBA 2013, Houston Baptist University

Chris Ellermann ’03
Houston, TX
BA 2003, Houston Baptist University
M.Arch., University of Houston

David Garza ’71
Missouri City, TX

Michelle Gilliam ’95
Richmond, TX
BSN 1995, Houston Baptist University

Vince Santos ’88
Richmond, TX
BA 1988, Houston Baptist University
Angela Stewart ’97
Houston, TX
BA 1997, Houston Baptist University
MBA, American InterContinental University

Jack Varcados ’90
Houston, TX
BA 1986, Houston Baptist University
MBA 2007, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
2013, Program for the Diaconate Certificate

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