Pre-Registration for New Freshmen

New freshman students for Summer or Fall 2018 (whom did not attend a Pre-Registration event in May) will have their class schedules “pre -built” by the academic advising team. Students will receive their class schedule when they arrive at their GO Session in June.


Pre-Registration for First-Year Students

Helpful information for incoming freshman students.

  • How do I change a course for my fall schedule?

    Please fill out the Schedule Change Request Form. Your request will be viewed and provided a response in a timely manner. Schedule change requests are not guaranteed to be made and are reviewed on an individual basis.

  • Who is my Advisor?

    Your official advisor will be assigned in mid-August. After that time you will be able to view them through the Portal via the “Navigate” icon. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact

  • How is AP, IB, or CLEP credit awarded?

    1. Student requests that official test scores are sent to HBU, either at the time of exam registration or post-exam through the appropriate testing agency.
    2. Once received by HBU, if a score is sufficient for credit according to the “Credit by Examination” section of the course catalog, the score will be entered into SOATEST in Banner. This allows the advisor to see whether a student can be awarded credit, but credit is not actually posted on the student’s transcript yet. Insufficient scores will not be entered into SOATEST.
    3. After a student has enrolled in classes, they will need to see Vivian West in the Registrar’s office to fill out the “Request for Credit by Examination Form”.
    4. If the student has filed the appropriate form, credit is posted to the student’s transcript after they have successfully completed 12 hours at HBU and have earned a minimum 2.0 HBU GPA (transfer hours and transfer GPA do not apply).


    Vivian West / / (281) 649-3745 / Brown 154

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