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Freshman Orientation (“GO”) FAQ


What is GO?
GO stands for “Get Oriented”. It is HBU’s new student orientation that takes place over the summer. For freshman, GO is an overnight event, when students get to spend the night in the HBU residence halls.

Do I need to attend a GO Session?
Yes, all new students will need to attend a GO Session.  During GO, you will receive your fall class schedule, get your parking sticker, have your student ID made, meet with Financial Aid, and have tons of fun!

What is the schedule for Freshman GO?
The schedule for Freshman GO will be published closer to the event and will be included in your GO Confirmation Packet that you receive in the mail. Check-in will begin on Day 1 at 9 am and Closing Session will end at 11:15 am on Day 2.

What should I expect?
You should expect to discover all that HBU has to offer and why you made the right choice for college. You will connect with fellow first year students and current HBU students and faculty and staff here at HBU, prepare for the upcoming semester by clearing financial services, and enjoy your new home and start preparing for your 4 years at HBU.

Will I register for classes or meet with an advisor during my GO Session?
You will attend an academic session led by faculty in your chosen field and a “Meet My Major” tour of where your classes will take place, but you will not meet individually with an academic advisor. Unless you attended an Early Registration event, all freshmen will be pre-registered for a personalized fall class schedule, which you will receive during Day 1 of GO. By doing so, we take the hard part out of choosing the right classes for your first semester! If you have decided to change your major, please contact admissions at

Do I need to meet with an advisor before I attend freshmen GO?
No. All new freshmen will be pre-registered for fall classes before arriving at GO.  The Office of Admissions will be working closely with academic advisors to place you in the best possible schedule to start you on your academic journey.
We will take into account your major and selected career path, AP/IB credit, dual credit, and other factors to get you the best possible schedule for your first semester at HBU.

What topics will I hear about?
Everything about your life here at HBU will be covered!  Topics include academic programs, freshman year experience, Spiritual Life at HBU, Career and Calling, Campus Recreation, Academic Success Center, Student Involvement, Residence Life, Commuter Life, Financial Aid, and much more!

Where will I stay?
All students will stay in our Freshman Village residence halls with other Class of 2021 Huskies! Parents can find a list of area hotels here. We have special Freshman GO rates at several hotels that you can access on this page.

What about my parents?
Your parents are encourage to attend at least Day 1 of GO. We have a specific parent session but otherwise your parents will attend sessions with you and your GO Team. You will meet individually with Financial Aid on Day 1 of GO, so we highly encourage your parents to be here for this session!

What should I bring?
Make sure you arrive to GO wearing Comfortable clothes and shoes (outdoor appropriate). We have lots of fun activities planned across campus, so comfort is key! and shoes (outdoor appropriate)

Overnight Items:
Pillow, Sleeping bag &/or twin XL bed linens/blanket
Change of clothes for Day 2
Tennis shoes for the Amazing Race (it’s a walking event, no running involved!)

Spending money for snacks or HBU gear at the HBU Bookstore

Completed Forms:
Financial Arrangements sheet

Meningitis Form

Final High School transcript
Parking Pass form or waiver

What should I not bring?
HBU is a dry and drug-free campus. Therefore drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are prohibited.

What will be provided for me at Orientation?
You will be given your Fall class schedule. You will have the opportunity to register for your parking pass and have your HBU student ID made. You will have the opportunity to meet with Financial Aid counselors and get help with payment plans. All meals are provided free of cost by HBU for students (meals are $5 for parents and other guests). You will be provided an extra-long twin bed in either the Women’s Residence College, Mest Hall, or Men’s Residence College.

You will also be provided with great opportunities to meet the campus community, get to know fellow freshman Huskies, learn about HBU traditions, and gain valuable information concerning your transition to HBU!

How will I know which GO session I am registered for?
You will receive a confirmation email and Orientation packet from us in Mid-May. You will be contacted immediately if you the session you have chosen is full.

Will I have a chance to talk with financial aid?
Yes!  You will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with one of our financial aid counselors during your assigned Financial Aid session. Be sure to have your FAFSA complete and bring any missing forms in order to have a productive meeting with the counselors.

How do I contact financial aid?
You can contact financial aid by email: or by phone: 281.649.3749.

Do I have to pay my tuition and fees at GO?
You will not be required to make full payment during your GO session.

You will, however, be asked to make payment arrangements at Orientation, which often requires paying $50 to set up a payment plan. Please fill out your Financial Arrangements Worksheet with your parents BEFORE arriving at GO!  This will expedite your clearing of Financial Aid and give you and your parents more time for the fun stuff!

Your Financial Arrangements worksheet will be sent in your GO Confirmation packet in mid-May. Our Financial Aid and Cashier’s Office staff will be available and happy to help you with your financial aid and payment plan questions.

What does “financially cleared” mean?
It is our hope that all students, after attending GO, will be financial cleared. This means that payment options have been set up. You will NOT have to pay all tuition and fees but you need to set up a payment plan.

Where should I park for GO?
If coming from 59, take the Fondren exit and head South on Fondren.  Take the second entrance to HBU on the right. This is the entrance after you go through the Sharpview stoplight (HBU Gate #2 on the Campus Map). After entering campus, drive straight until you get to the stop sign.  Turn right at the stop sign and park anywhere you like.  Check-in is in Morris Cultural Arts Center on the right as you enter the parking lot.

If you take the Beechnut exit, head South on Beechnut and turn left into HBU when the baseball field becomes visible on your left.  Take your first left into the parking lot.

What is the GO Team?
GO Team stands for “Get Oriented Team”!  The GO Team are current students that will by your guides throughout your GO session. Students will be assigned a GO Team based on  They GO Team are experts in all areas of HBU and are here to make sure your transition to college is as smooth as possible!

What is the math placement exam and do I need to take it?
The math placement exam will help to determine which math class you should be placed in freshman year.  The exam is free and can only help you, not place you in a lower math than what your test scores dictate. If you are a Science or Math major, a Business major, or a Nursing major, you are required to take the Math Placement Exam before enrolling in a math class. You can sign up for the exam by going to

Where do I check in and check out?
You will check in and check out at McNair Hall inside the Morris Cultural Arts Center.

What happens if I cannot attend Orientation at all?
You will need to contact admissions (

What happens if I cannot attend both days of Orientation?
You will need to contact admissions ( 

What happens if I have to leave Orientation early?
You will need to contact admissions (

What things to I need to have done before attending Orientation?
Make sure you have sent HBU your final HS transcript, any official college transcripts (dual credit), meningitis shot record, and any AP test scores (through CollegeBoard) you may have.

Anything Else?
Bring your completed HBU Meningitis Form and Proof of Vaccination (if not already turned in).  We must have these items per Texas law! Feel free to bring spending money for HBU apparel and gifts at the HBU Bookstore!

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