HBU Online Learning Testimonials


“This is the program (Master of Arts in Apologetics) I’ve been waiting for–a strong blend of rational and imaginative apologetics with a world-class faculty–plus the flexibility of selecting a mix of on-campus and online classes–even within the same semester. As a full-time writer, author and teacher, such flexibility is essential to me. I could not pursue a graduate program at this stage without it. The online course work is no less rigorous than its on-campus equivalent, but these courses allow me to structure my participation to accommodate competing professional and personal responsibilities. With this program I can enjoy the academic environment and resources of the HBU campus, as well as the diversity of an “extended” community of fellow learners whose perspectives enrich my own. Working online, I can study C. S. Lewis with Planet Narnia author and Oxford scholar Michael Ward and never leave home–or discuss cultural influences on Christian belief with a classmate in Japan! Like any worthwhile endeavor, you will get out of this program what you invest in it–but the opportunity exists for a rich and rewarding learning experience.”

Leigh McLeroy
2016 Master of Arts in Apologetics online program

“After teaching for more than 20 years, I have just completed teaching my first section of an online course and I find myself rather pleased at the outcome.   I learned that in the online environment students support each other’s learning. The online discussions and Q&A forums became places where students were encouraged, challenged and supported by someone in addition to me.  It was truly a powerful learning community focused on the topics of the week.

By the end of each discussion I had comments from every class member and was able to personally give feedback and contributions to the discussion each week.  I loved the fact that while I designed the instruction and created the learning environment, there were many voices in the instructional environment – not just mine. I learned new things along with my students as they explored topics in ways I had not thought about initially.”

Dawn Wilson, PhD
Associate Professor in Education

“The opportunity to prepare and teach an online course for HBU has proven to be professionally challenging and rewarding.  I have enjoyed the process of fine tuning my pedagogical knowledge and skills to fit a format that does not involve face-to-face interaction.  Without that element, I must still provide the resources and assignments that create a dynamic, meaningful learning experience.  As I keep that goal uppermost in my planning, I look forward to building my skills even further in the future.  It has been a career-changing experience!”

Kaye Busiek, EdD
Assistant Professor in Education

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