Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Welcome to the Houston Baptist University’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) website. The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness is the University’s official source for institutional research and information. Our primary mission is to provide timely and accurate information to University decision-makers and constituents, both internal and external; coordinate the reporting of enrollment; student characteristics; and other data to the state, federal, and private agencies.

To achieve our mission, the office:

  • Compiles and evaluates various data, such as student enrollment, and graduation and retention rates data.
  • Conducts ad hoc studies designed to support planning and effectiveness
  • Manages and analyzes numerous student, faculty & staff surveys
  • Provides assistance for various university projects and/or needs
  • Assists with the University’s effectiveness and accreditation programs

The Office also provides institutional data to state and federal agencies, as well as other constituents involved with the University, for the purposes of describing, recording and publishing institutional information and effectiveness.

Student Achievement

This section includes data showing the various achievements of HBU's student body.

Student Enrollment

Includes a wealth of knowledge, such as Common Data Sets, Enrollment and Credit Hour Reports, Retention Reports, and Student Profile Reports.

Compliance and Accredidation

Includes information regarding compliance and accreditation procedures, substantive change information, SACS quality enhancement program (QEP), and various helpful resources.

Athletic Program Participation Rates

This webpage includes updated EADA, GSR, and FGR reports for the athletics program at HBU.

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