QEP Team

The QEP team is drawn from all of HBU’s schools and colleges.  They are faculty members who believe strongly in the importance of writing for school, career, and life.

QEP Team May 2015-2016

University Area      Person
School of Fine Arts
  • Matt Boyleston, PhD (Associate Provost and Dean, School of Fine Arts; Associate Professor of English and Writing)
School of Humanities
  • Collin Garbarino, PhD (Assistant Professor of History)
  • Emily Stelzer, PhD (Assistant Professor of Literature)
College of Science & Mathematics
  • Taiya Fabre, PhD (Professor of Chemistry)
  • Curtis Henderson, PhD (Associate Professor of Biology)
School of Nursing and Allied Health
  • Susan Schneider, RN, MSN (Assistant Professor of Nursing)
College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
  • Carol McGaughey (Acting Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences; Professor of Education)
  • Dawn Wilson, EdD  (Director, Master of Education; Associate Professor of Education)
Smith College of Liberal Arts
  • Jodey Hinze, JD (Dean, Smith College of Liberal Arts; Assistant Professor of Business)
  • Gary Hartenburg, PhD (Director, Honors College; Assistant Professor of Philosophy)
School of Christian Thought
  • Jeremy Neill, PhD (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)
  • Evan Getz, PhD (Assistant Professor of Literature)


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