Quick Facts about the Quality Enhancement Plan

  • The QEP is a 5-year project to improve student writing across the campus
  • It emphasizes critical thinking and clear expression of one’s thoughts and beliefs
  • It has special courses, called “W” courses
  • A “W” course contains a writing assignment that gets detailed feedback from the instructor and is then rewritten by the student
  • Initially there were three “W” courses – all in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum
    • ENGL 1320
    • PHIL 1313
    • HIST 2311
  • In Fall 2013, the QEP was successfully extended to HNRS 1020 and HNRS 1050 courses
  • The QEP agrees with the mission and vision of the University
  • Improving the level of student writing will raise the image of the university
  • Improving the level of student will provide benefits to individual students and society in general

Short videos about the QEP

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