HBU Alert System

HBU has implemented an important communication tool for students, faculty and staff. The HBU ALERT SYSTEM using 911 Cellular, can provide text messaging to cell phones as well as through email in the event of a campus emergency. Standard messaging rates may apply. Messages will also be posted on HBU websites, HBU Facebook and HBU Twitter pages.

Current Campus Status

This morning (Mon., Sept. 26, 2016) there has been a telephonic bomb threat made against the University.  The caller stated, “Bomb threat today and tomorrow,” then hung up.  We have no other information, and are unaware of any specific threat to the University.

If you see any suspicious persons or activity on campus, or see or find any suspicious package(s), please call the HBU police at (281) 649-3911 immediately.  You may also use the call boxes or the 911 Shield app, and an officer will respond.

Please continue to visit this page for more details.

John Karshner, Chief of Police; Director of Public Safety
John R. Holmes Jr., Associate Vice-president; Facilities & Campus Operations

Classes will continue to be held on schedule today and tomorrow unless notified otherwise.

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