Houston Baptist University Catalog

The 2015-2016 HBU Catalog PDF has been released. Content found in the webpage below will be updated shortly to match the new catalog. In the interim, please refer to the PDF for the most current information.

Letter from the Provost

Jesus was confronted by a rich young man with hard questions. Jesus pointed out that his questions could only be answered if he "sold all he had," gave it to the poor, and followed Jesus. In our culture, intelligence and education represent wealth.

College should be a time when you take those riches and place them in God's hands. We will then be able to walk with God and find answers to our questions and develop even better questions as we continue our lives. Sadly, some of higher education has forgotten this high calling. The choice of a School like HBU is a move away from being a mere cog in the educational machine and a decision to prepare for a life of service.

The university trained should give back to those without our opportunities, but too often we think only of our personal peace and affluence. By contrast HBU follows the great tradition of Western universities in placing service to God and country at the center of a well-ordered life. You have a chance to be trained by servant-leaders to become global change agents, not for our glory, but for the good of humankind.

Bring your questions this year to your classes. Discard easy inherited answers. Set yourself the task of following the argument, the Divine Logos of God, wherever He leads. We will all be transformed if you do.

This is my second year as provost and I am excited to sell all my old ideas, my old wealth, and take up a new task following Jesus. I am excited by what can be at this place in this time.

Under the leadership of President Robert Sloan and the Trustees, supported by an outstanding assembly of faculty and staff, the University continues to renew its commitment to excellence in all facets of Christian higher education.  To learn more about the University's vision of Christian and academic excellence, I encourage you to read The Ten Pillars, HBU's 12-year vision for growth and development.  You may find it on the HBU website at hbu.edu/tenpillars.

Dr. John Mark Reynolds This Catalog for Houston Baptist University reflects our commitment to our heritage. It contains policies and procedures for the various divisions and departments of the University. The answers to many of your questions are found within its pages. Always be sure to consult with your faculty advisor as you use this catalog in progress toward graduation and a life of service beyond.

John Mark N. Reynolds