HBU Distinctives

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The University Vision:

The Ten Pillars: Faith and Reason in a Great City

HBU will fulfill its responsibility for the renewal of Christian higher education through a vision organized around Ten Pillars. These Ten Pillars are the reflection of envisioning sessions and conversations held with HBU faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni, and selected members of the community. The ideas and initiatives listed in this vision document all have their roots in those sessions. While the Ten Pillars do not exhaustively list all the suggestions, or all of our plans, they do capture the spirit and direction of our university family’s aspirations for HBU.
  1. Build on the Classics
  2. Recruit for National Influence
  3. Embrace the Challenge of Christian Graduate Education
  4. Establish a Residential Society of Learning
  5. Increase our Cultural Impact through our Faculty
  6. Renew our Campus, Renew our Community
  7. Bring Athens and Jerusalem Together
  8. Expand our Commitment to the Creative Arts
  9. Cultivate a Strong Global Focus
  10. Move to the Next Level as an Institution

The full text of The Ten Pillars vision document is available at www.hbu.edu/vision.

Undergraduate Traditions

Traditions are a source of pride and enthusiasm to a university community; they provide continuity through the years and combine stability with growth. Much of the excitement of attending a young, changing university is that tomorrow’s traditions are being made by us today.

Beanie and Tug-of-War - The beanie is the University’s way of welcoming freshmen to the HBU spirit and way of life. Freshmen are to wear their beanies until the exciting Tug-of-War, which occurs the first week of classes. If the freshmen lose the Tug-of-War they continue to wear their beanies for an additional week.

Husky Sign - The Husky sign is made by touching the thumb to the tips of the two middle fingers, making the dog’s "head." The outside fingers are extended to represent the ears.

School Colors - Selected by our founders before the first classes began, orange and blue have become symbolic of Houston Baptist University in all phases of campus life.

School Mascot - The mascot of HBU is the mighty Siberian Husky. The name of our current live mascot is Kiza II (shortened from Wakiza, which means Mighty Warrior.)

School Songs

HBU Fight Song
Get Up and Go, You Mighty Huskies

Get up and go, you mighty Huskies
Give it a fight for HBU.
Whenever the goin’ is rough and things are tough,
Don’t give up the fight.
Shoulder the load, hold to the road,
Pull with all your might.
Get up and go, you mighty Huskies
Give it a hail for orange and blue.
Get ready to meet the test, show your best
Drive until you’ve made History, with victory
You’ll win for HBU.

Words and music by
Dr. Robert L. Parker

Hail the Orange and Blue
In the great state of Texas,
Houston, USA,
Stands our noble Alma Mater,
Christ saying I am the Way.
In our search for knowledge,
Tempered with Thy love,
Seeking our place of service,
With wisdom from above.
Give us courage, strength and faith,
To face a world filled with fear.
Ever onward to the challenge,
Knowing Thou art near.

God bless our school.
Keep her safe and true.
God bless our Alma Mater.
Hail the Orange and Blue.

Words by Dr. W.H. Hinton
Music by Dr. Don Looser