Leadership Team - P.Y.R.O.

P.Y.R.O. stands for Passionate, Young, Radical Overcomers.  The purpose of PYRO is to train leaders and provide opportunities for leadership to take place. Individuals on the Council are encouraged and supported as they:
  • Strive to get to know God better
  • Learn how to function as a team
  • Give direction to the ongoing ministries of Student Ministry
  • Strive to make a gospel difference on our campus and in our world

PYRO meets together weekly to participate in and plan events that deepen and develop:
  • COMMUNITY with
  • MINISTRY/MISSIONS through our life on campus (And in the city…and around the world).

Participants are selected through an application/interview process that begins each spring semester. Members are asked to attend several leadership development events during the year; to commit to the weekly meetings; and to meet regularly with their team in planning events and Bible studies.

Diversity in ages, backgrounds, and church denomination is encouraged and desired! Pray about your involvement and let us celebrate your gifts through leadership on PYRO.

For more information, please contact Mark Warrington at wwarrington@hbu.edu.