Housing Agreement 2013-14

Version 1.13


THE RESIDENT NAMED IN THE AGREEMENT (“Resident”, “you” or “your”)

Landlord (Owner):

HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY (“University”, “us,” “we” or “our”).

This Agreement is for the unit style accommodation of our choice.
We will determine the specific room assignment on or before the Starting Date. The terms of this agreement apply to either the full academic year or the summer term (including but not limited to Fastterm mini-semesters) as delineated in the University Catalog. If entered into after the start of the academic year (fall and spring semester) or summer term, the terms of this agreement apply to the balance of the academic year or summer term. This agreement will be terminated without penalty after the Fall semester for December graduates. In the event the start date and/or the end date is different than the dates of the academic year or summer term, (different dates must be approved in writing by us) then room charges shall be prorated based upon a weekly amount. If the date of move-in is on or before the 10th business day following the first day of classes at the University, there will be no prorated Starting Date and the Starting Date outlined in Part II of this Agreement will be used.

All checks and money orders must be payable to “Houston Baptist University.”

The Housing Deposit is $200.00. All applicants are required to pay the housing deposit.  Applications will be on hold until a deposit is paid. Meal plans will not be activated until the Housing Deposit is received by the Residence Life Office. For information about Housing Deposit refunds, please consult the “Refund Policy” section below.   
For the 2013-14 Academic Year the start date for this Agreement is August 26, 2013 and the end date is May 17, 2014.

For the 2013 Summer Term the start date for this Agreement is June 2, 2013 and the end date is August 9, 2013.

31. SPECIAL PROVISIONS (Community Guidelines)

1. LIVING ON CAMPUS POLICY (return to index)

All unmarried, undergraduate students under the age of 21 on August 1st and/or who have not completed 96 credits at the beginning of the fall semester and/or who are enrolled full time and are not living at home with their parents/guardians must live on campus. Any exceptions must be approved on appeal by the University (contact the Residence Life Office regarding the appeal process). Student moving off campus must also submit a Residence Life Exception Form.

2. PREMISES (return to index)

For the purposes of this Agreement, “Premises” are defined to include: (a) Your sole use of the bedroom in your suite or apartment; (b) together with the other residents of the suite or apartment, your joint use of the common areas of both the apartment and on-campus housing; and (c) your joint use of all appliances within the common areas of the suite or apartment (where equipped). “Common areas” are defined to include:
(a) those areas within the apartment to which you have access without going into another resident’s bedroom, and (b) those on-campus areas to which all residents have general access. NOTE: At any time during the term of this Agreement, we have the right to relocate you from one bedroom within the suite or apartment to another or to another similar bedroom in any other suite or apartment. Each resident is jointly and severally liable with the other residents of the suite or apartment for all obligations relating to common areas. You alone, however, are liable for the Agreement obligations relating to your bedroom and the payment of room charges. You are not liable for any of your fellow residents’ obligations for their bedrooms and rent payments.
3. OCCUPANTS (return to index)

You understand and agree that you may rent and occupy the Premises for only so long as you are enrolled as a student or employed by Houston Baptist University. You further agree that the Premises shall be used only as a private residence, and will neither operate nor allow another person to operate a business from its location.

4. MOVE IN (return to index)

You cannot occupy your Premises until we have completed and executed this Agreement and any required guaranty. Within twenty-four (24) hours after you take possession of the Premises, you must complete and return to us a Move-In Inventory and/or a Room Condition Report form. Keys will only be issued after the satisfactory completion of the Move-In Inventory and/or Room Condition Report form. Any and all defects and damages reported by you must be noted and be confirmed by a Resident Assistant or other Residence Life staff member. Otherwise, the Premises, fixtures, appliances and furniture will be considered to be clean, safe, and in good working condition and you may be held responsible for defects or damages that may have occurred prior to you moving in. With the exception of defects and damages noted on the Inventory or Condition Report form, you agree to accept the Premises, fixtures, appliances, and furniture in their  “as-is” condition.

5. UNIT TRANSFERS (return to index)

You may move from one living space to another after the second week of the semester by submitting a room change request and after receiving Residence Life approval. If you move to or occupy another living space without our prior approval, you may be responsible for additional housing charges.


6. ACADEMIC BREAKS (return to index)

With the exception of residents living in Husky Village, you must vacate during academic breaks. The Residence Colleges will close at 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes for vacations and recess breaks, and after 5:00 p.m. on the day after the last final examination at the end of each semester. If you need housing between semesters or during breaks you must submit an appeal in writing at least two weeks in advance to the Residence Life Office stating the exact dates you want to stay and reason(s) for staying. Appeals will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances as determined by the Residence Life Office. Appeals must be approved or you will be required to move out during the break. Except for those with approved break appeals, you must leave your room between semesters and during all extended periods when the University is closed. When you vacate, you will be required to follow specific procedures. Failure to do so may result in damage charges or fines.

7. FINAL MOVE OUT (return to index)

With the exception of graduating seniors you must vacate by 5:00 p.m. on the Ending Date. If you are a graduating senior, you must vacate by Noon (12:00 p.m.) on the Sunday after graduation has occurred. In the event you fail to vacate at the prescribed date and time (or a date and time the University designates, if earlier) you shall owe the usual room charges plus an additional twenty-five percent (25%) on a per diem basis and an additional sum equal to the amount we are forced to pay as damages to the subsequent resident for delayed access to the Premises.
a. The following applies unless the Agreement is terminated (see Section 30) or cancelled (see Section 31).
If you do not renew your Agreement we will assume you are moving out. Even if you give proper notice, you are not released from liability under the Agreement.

b. When you leave, whether at or prior to the Ending Date, the Premises, including, but not limited to: the windows, bathroom, patios, balconies, and kitchen appliances in the Common Areas, must be clean and in good repair and condition, reasonable wear excepted.

If you do not clean the unit, if you damage the appliances, or if you remove the appliances/furniture you are liable for reasonable charges to complete such cleaning, repair or replacement and an improper move-out fine. You should schedule a walk-through with our staff prior to your move out.

If you do not accompany our staff, you agree to accept our assessment of damages and charges when we inspect. Also, the final determination of damages will be made by management staff that may not inspect your living space until after you have moved out.

8. ROOM, BOARD, & OTHER CHARGES (return to index)

Room and board charges are due and payable at the same time as tuition and fees.  Upon completion of the registration process, students will be asked to set up a deferred payment plan for all charges including room and board.   There is a per semester fee for utilizing the deferred payment plan.  The payment plan permits payments to be made over several months.  Payments are made using a bank account or credit card and are charged automatically to the student or parent on the agreed upon dates.  Students who want to pay room and board charges in full can do so in person, through the HBU website at www.hbu.edu/payments or over the telephone using a credit card during business hours.  You are liable for all costs or charges associated with our having to provide special services to you or on your behalf (unless the special services are required to be paid by us pursuant to laws requiring us to provide reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities) and for all fees or fines as described in the Community Policies which are attached to this Agreement.

For questions regarding room and board charges, contact Residence Life at 281-649-3100 or email us at reslife@hbu.edu.

9. UTILITIES (return to index)

We agree to furnish basic cable television, high-speed internet, electricity, gas, water, sewer and garbage collection for on-campus housing. All utilities may be used only for normal household purposes and must not be wasted. We will not be liable for any interruption, surge or failure of utility services provided by us to the Premises or any damage directly or indirectly caused by the interruption, surge or failure.

10. COMMUNITY GUIDELINES (return to index)

You and your guests must comply with all written rules and policies - the current Community Guidelines are attached as Exhibit A. These rules and policies are a part of this Agreement and the University may revise, amend, expand or discontinue the rules and policies at any time at our sole discretion by sending email or posting a notice on a bulletin board or other area that we designate for notices to residents. If you violate any of these Community Guidelines you are breaching your Agreement. Such violation may, at our sole discretion, cause you to be disciplined, fined, and/or evicted. All of your roommates must comply with these Community Guidelines as well. In addition, all terms and conditions of the University Handbook are incorporated herein by reference.

11. PARKING (return to index)

A student may not drive or permit movers to drive trucks, trailers, or cars on the sidewalks or grass to load or unload furniture, or for any other purpose. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking lots and may not be driven in unauthorized areas for any reason. University parking permits are required for all vehicles. All vehicles that you operate on the property must be registered at the University Police Department. You may not store commercial vehicles, boats, campers, trailers, or large recreational vehicles on campus, even temporarily, without our prior written permission. All vehicles that have not been properly registered may be towed at the owner's expense if the vehicle is not located in a designated visitor's space. You may not maintain, repair or wash vehicles on the property. You may have one vehicle registered in your or your parent's name parked on-site at any time.
(a) Do not chain bicycles to trees or fences. If you keep a bicycle on campus, you do so at your sole risk of loss or damage.
(b) Visitors must park only in designated visitor parking areas.


Community living requires that residents cooperate with us in the care and maintenance of the Premises. You will not remove our property (including furniture) or make any changes or alterations to the Premises, including, but not limited, to painting and/or wallpapering. You will not make or attempt to make any repairs, but will, instead, immediately notify the Residence Life Office of any defects or dangerous conditions in and about the Premises of which you become aware and a maintenance request will be submitted online for you, if necessary. In the event repairs are necessitated by your actions and/or your guests, a charge for such repairs will be added to your student account. Your obligation to pay for repairs will survive upon termination of this Agreement. We shall not be liable for any inconvenience, discomfort, and disruption of utility service or interference with your use of the Premises caused by the making of repairs, alterations or improvements to the Premises.

a. Smoke detectors - You must not disconnect or intentionally damage a smoke detector or remove the battery without immediately replacing it with a working one. If you do not comply with this, you may be subject to damages, civil penalties and attorneys' fees under Section 92.2611 of the Texas Property Code. Tampering with any fire safety equipment, including but not limited to smoke detectors, may subject you to a fine to be charged to your student account, as well as additional HBU discipline process sanctions. AFTER YOU MOVE IN, YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING THE SMOKE DETECTOR IN WORKING ORDER. WE ARE NOT.  Please report any issues regarding your smoke detector to a Residence Life staff member and ask him/her to submit a maintenance request for you, if necessary.   

b. Pests - We treat all   areas for pests when necessary. You cannot refuse extermination unless a written medical excuse is on file with the office.

c. Carpet - To reduce damage and preserve the appearance of your carpet, we encourage you to vacuum frequently. The Residence Life Office does not provide vacuums for resident use. Extraordinary damages to the carpet beyond normal wear and tear may result in the need for HBU maintenance to shampoo and/or replace the carpet. In such circumstances, a charge will be added to your student account.

d. Prohibited items - We do not allow hot plates, halogen lamps, candles, incense or any open flames in living areas. If the power goes out, use flashlights only for light. Do not store flammable liquids in or around your living area.

e. Outlets - We do not allow multiple-outlet, "octopus" plugs in your suite, room or apartment unless they have a self-contained circuit breaker. All extension cords must be U.L. approved.

f. Waterbeds - We do not allow waterbeds.

g. Fire Sprinklers - All living areas are equipped with fire sprinklers. Do not hang anything from sprinkler heads. Impeding the function of fire sprinklers may result in a charge to your student account as well as HBU discipline process sanctions. In addition, you are responsible for any costs resulting from flood damage.
h. Fire Alarms - When the fire alarm in your building sounds, it is your responsibility to leave the building immediately. You must treat every fire alarm as if a real fire is occurring. Maliciously pulling a fire alarm is a serious offense and may result in a fine to be charged to your student account as well as HBU discipline process sanctions. If you witness an alarm being pulled falsely, notify your RA immediately. Failure to evacuate during a fire alarm may result in a fine to be charged to your student account as well as HBU discipline process sanctions.

i. Fire Extinguishers - Fire extinguishers are placed in specific locations throughout each residence hall. These extinguishers should be used only in the event of an actual fire. Misuse of a fire extinguisher may result in a fine to be charged to your student account as well as HBU discipline process sanctions.

13. FURNITURE (return to index)

Furniture in your room at check-in is expected to stay in the room. Loss or damage to furniture will result in a student being charged for repairs or replacement. Loss or damage to furniture will result in a student being charged for repairs or replacement. In addition, a furniture moving charge will be applied at resident move-out for either moving or removing any furniture not originally assigned to the room at resident move-in.  The University will not be responsible for storing furniture a student does not want in the room. We warrant that furniture is free from defects in workmanship or material. In the event of any defects in such material or workmanship, we shall correct such defects without charge to You. These warranties are made only for you and are expressly made in lieu of any other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All warranties herein made are void and unenforceable unless you are in full compliance with the terms of your Agreement. This warranty is void in case of abuse, misuse, or abnormal usage of the goods or if the goods are repaired by unauthorized persons.

14. LIABILITY (return to index)

Neither the University, our representative, nor our respective employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives and affiliates, will be liable to you or any of your guests for injury, damage, or loss to person or property caused by criminal conduct of other persons, including theft, burglary, assault, vandalism, or other crimes or your personal conflict with your roommates. Resident further agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify and release the University, its employees, directors, officers, agents and representatives from liability for claims of death, bodily injury and/or property damage, including personal injury liability, occurring on or about the Premises, except to the extent that such death, injury and/or damage is caused by the gross negligence or willful act of the University, its employees, agents and/or representatives.

If we violate any term of this Agreement, you first have to give us written notice of the nature of our violation and allow us thirty (30) days to cure it (or a shorter period to cure if so required by the Texas Property Code) before you take any further action.

15. LIABILITY INSURANCE (return to index)

The University’s insurance does not provide coverage for your personal property. You are responsible and liable for obtaining your own insurance coverage for losses due to fire, smoke, water damage, and/or theft.

16. CASUALTY LOSS (return to index)

If in our reasonable judgment, the Premises, the Building or the Property is materially damaged by fire or other casualty, we may terminate this Agreement within a reasonable time after such determination by giving you written notice. If we terminate the Agreement, and you did not cause the loss, we will refund prorated, prepaid Rent and all deposit(s), less lawful deductions, which may be provided in this Agreement. If we determine that material damage has not been caused to the Premises, the Building or the Property, or, if we have elected not to terminate this Agreement, we will, within a reasonable time, rebuild the damaged improvements. During such reconstruction, there shall be a reasonable reduction of the Rent for the unusable portion of the Premises unless you or your guests are the cause of the fire or other casualty.

17. RIGHT OF ENTRY (return to index)

Residence Life staff, maintenance and custodial staff may enter students' rooms for customer service checks, general inspections, to make repairs, and to perform preventive maintenance. Safety and health inspections may involve the observation of closet and/or storage areas and include, but are not limited to, inspections preceding Thanksgiving and spring breaks. Every effort is made to notify students ahead of time and to have students present during the inspection. However, if schedules do not coincide, the inspection will proceed. During University breaks, all residence halls are locked down; however, University personnel may enter student rooms for preventive maintenance. Personal belongings are left at one’s own risk. The University reserves the right to cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies to affect a room search in emergency situations or when all legal requirements for search have been met. Entry can be gained by use of a pass key or other means (to include disarming any intrusion alarm, if applicable, or by breaking a window or other means if locks have been changed in violation of this Agreement, and you will be liable for any damage caused thereby).

18. DEFAULT (return to index)

You are in violation of this Agreement if:

a. You fail to pay Room and Board charges or any other amount owed under this Agreement as directed;

b. You or your guest violates this Agreement or any addendum to it, the Community Policies, or fire, health or criminal laws, regardless of whether arrest or conviction occurs;

c. You fail to move into the Premises after completion of all required documentation, or, if you abandon the Premises (that is, you appear to have moved out before the end of the Agreement), clothes and personal belongings have been substantially moved out and you have not been in the bed space for 5 consecutive days;

d. You or your Guarantor has made any false statement or misrepresentation on any information provided to us, which includes the application you submitted;

e. You fail to pay any fine, charge, or penalty within ten (10) days after it is levied in accordance with this Agreement or the Community Policies.

f. You are no longer enrolled as a HBU student or are no longer employed as a HBU employee.

19. REMEDIES (return to index)

If you are in violation of this Agreement, we can, without demand or notice (other than as provided in this paragraph) in addition to other remedies allowed by law:

a. Collect any fine imposed by the Community Policies;

b. Terminate the Agreement and your right to occupy the Premises and institute an action for eviction, by giving you written notice and providing 24 hours for you to leave;

c. Accelerate the remainder of the room charges due under this Agreement through the Ending Date; and

d. Do any combination of a, b or c;

In a case where you are in violation of this agreement (including but not limited to canceling housing for the Spring and/or Fall academic semester), we will retain an amount of $300.00 as a termination fee. The termination fee is independent of the housing deposit and may be assessed in conjunction with not refunding the housing deposit. Agreement violations, including failure to pay any sums due, may also subject you to University sanctions, which may prevent you from enrolling at the University and from obtaining grades, transcripts or diplomas. All unpaid amounts will bear interest at 18% per year from the date originally due through the date of payment.

20. AMENDMENT (return to index)

Representatives of the University have no authority to waive, amend or terminate this Agreement or any part of it and no authority to make promises, representations or agreements which impose duties of security or other obligations on us unless done in writing and signed by an authorized representative. This Agreement (a) may not be amended or modified by course of conduct or otherwise, and (b) may not be waived, in whole or in part, by delay in enforcement or otherwise, except, in each instance, with written approval of an authorized representative of the University.

21. ENFORCEABILITY (return to index)

This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to its conflicts and choice of law principles. By signing this Agreement, you confirm that you (a) have read and fully understand this document, (b) intend this Agreement to be fully binding upon and enforceable against you, your heirs, executors, and legal representatives, (c) you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, fully competent, and entering into this Agreement of your own will and judgment.

22. SECURITY (return to index)

The University makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the safety and security of the Premises. On campus housing is equipped with a limited number of closed circuit television cameras, which have been installed for the purpose of recording events for later viewing. Cameras are NOT monitored and are NOT installed for the purpose of stopping an event in progress. We are not responsible for ensuring cameras are properly functioning at all times. None of Landlord’s safety measures are to be construed as an express or implied guarantee against crime or of a reduced risk of crime. We will not be held liable for death, injury or damage to or loss of property of Resident or his/her visitors caused by criminal conduct. You must exercise due care for your own safety and security.

23. GUARANTY (return to index)

If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years old, you must have a parent, legal guardian or other responsible person sign this Agreement in addition to your signature. Their signature will serve as a guaranty to fulfill any and all obligations under the Agreement should you fail to pay room and/or board. The person who signs must supply a copy of their driver's license or other governmental photo identification.

24. TERMINATION AFTER MOVE IN (return to index)

Any student who wishes to terminate this Agreement after moving in must give notification in writing (completing a HBU RESIDENCE LIFE form), including a statement of reasons for termination, to the HBU Residence Life Office. Students not providing adequate notice will be billed as though they were continuing in residence. Once your written appeal is submitted you must follow the proper check out procedures. If you move off campus, and still remain enrolled at HBU, you must also continue your current dining membership or change to a reduced dining membership until the end of the pertinent academic period. Any student who is dismissed from the University through the discipline process (sanctions) will forfeit all deposits and is liable for all housing and dining membership charges for the semester in which the dismissal occurs.

If you are a member of the Armed Forces on active duty and receive change-of-station orders to permanently leave the local area; are relieved from active military duty; or are a national guard or reservist called to active duty you may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to us. In addition, you must provide a copy of the official orders, which allow Agreement termination. After the Starting Date, if you become pregnant, give birth or adopt a child during the term of your Agreement (which must be documented to our satisfaction, which shall be at our sole discretion), you may terminate the Agreement after you provide written notice.

25. REFUND POLICY (return to index)
Room and Board charges become the responsibility of the students in accordance with the University’s refund policy.
Failure to make payments of any indebtedness to the University when due, including but not limited to tuition, housing or dining membership charges, student loans, special fees, library or parking fines, is considered sufficient cause, until the debt is settled with the appropriate office to (1) bar the student from classes, (2) withhold diploma or transcript. This policy will be equally enforced against debts discharged through bankruptcy, as far as the law allows. The University plans its expenditures for the year based on the anticipated attendance of students enrolled. Its instructional and operating costs are not reduced by the withdrawal of a student after a semester has begun. A student who moves out of university housing will receive a refund on room and board fees in accordance with the following schedule:

Before June 28: 100% refund of room and board charges; Refund of housing deposit

After June 28 and before the Start Date: 100% room and board charges; No refund of housing deposit

After the Start Date and before the Census Date: Prorated room and board charges (weekly); No refund of housing deposit

After the Census Date: Prorated room and board charges (weekly); No refund of housing deposit; $300 termination fee
A student’s $200 housing deposit may not be refunded if the student has an outstanding balance on their student account. At the University’s discretion, the housing deposit may be used to offset the outstanding balance on the student account.

General and special fees (including but not limited to the $300 housing charge) are not refundable.

26. AGREEMENT CANCELLATION (return to index)

Housing Agreement cancellations must be in writing and received in the HBU Residence Life Office. No cancellations by telephone or other non-written means will be accepted. Submission of written cancellation does not guarantee cancellation will be approved or any prepaid fees or deposits refunded. Unless other arrangements have been made with the HBU Residence Life Office, housing assignments may, at the discretion of Residence Life, be automatically canceled and the housing deposit forfeited if a student has not checked into his/her room by 8:00 a.m. on the second day of scheduled classes at the beginning of each term.

27. AGREEMENT RENEWAL (return to index)

If you intend to renew your Agreement, you must renew the Agreement by the priority deadline (set each year - contact the Residence Life Office for specific dates). You are not guaranteed placement in the room(s) you have previously resided in. If you don't we may fill your space with another person and you will be required to move from your space by the End Date of the Agreement. Please note: If you become pregnant, give birth or adopt a child while residing in on-campus housing, you may complete the term of your Agreement, but you may not be able to renew it. In addition, you may, at the discretion of Residence Life, be relocated to a more suitable area and/or room.

28. HEALTH INSURANCE (return to index)

For information about student health insurance Read the following page: http://www.hbu.edu/StudentHealthInsurance

29. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES (return to index)

You must provide to the university, upon demand, the address and contact information where you will evacuate. You must also provide the name and telephone number of a person to contact in the event of an emergency.

30. DINING MEMBERSHIPS (return to index)
All students residing in University housing are required to purchase a dining membership. You are notified by means of this agreement that there are no exceptions to this policy. The following memberships are available to all students.

• Block 140 - 140 meals total per semester

• Pack 19 - 19 meals per week

• Pack 12 - 12 meals per week

• Husky 5* - 5 meals per week

*Available only to residents in the Husky Village Apartments and Hodo Residence College (Floor Plans A, B, B1 and G).
  • All students living on campus during the Fall and Spring semesters are required to purchase a dining membership.
  • Declining Balance amount(s) will be debited to the student’s account and may be used at any time to purchase additional meals for the resident or their guests. (More information may be obtained from the HBU Residence Life Office or the HBU website.)
  • Appeals to change the dining membership requirement must be submitted 30 days prior to beginning of the semester (See Item 25).  
Absent an exception granted in writing by the Residence Life Office and/or Aramark, meal plans may only be changed during the first two weeks of the semester.

31. SPECIAL PROVISIONS (return to index)

The following special provisions have been added to and are a part of this Agreement:
Exhibit A
Version 1.12

2012-2013 Community Guidelines

WELCOME TO HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY! Living on campus at HBU is an integral part of your educational experience. Our on-campus housing provides living and learning environments with opportunities to grow spiritually, develop interpersonal skills, increase understanding of diverse cultures and learn self-discipline in organizing time for study, work and social activities. You must follow the STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT and STUDENT HANDBOOK of the University. By enrolling at the University a student neither loses the rights, nor escapes the responsibilities of citizenship. All students are expected to obey federal, state and local laws, the rules and regulations of Houston Baptist University and directives issued by an administrative official in the course of his/her duties. A student who enrolls at the University is charged with the obligation to conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible with the University's function as an educational institution; consequently, conduct which interferes with the use or utilization of University facilities by other persons may be punished regardless of whether such conduct is specifically prescribed by the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.



S1. Security
S2. Access to Residential Areas
S3. Keys


L1. Firearms/Weapons
L2. Alcohol
L3. Drugs and Illegal Substances
L4. Smoking
L5. Verbal and/or Physical Abuse
L6. Failure To Comply
L7. Right of Entry
L8. Quiet Hours
L9. Common Areas
L10. Visitors
L11. Minor Children
L12. Room/Suite/Apartment Decoration
L13. Roommate & Neighbor Counseling
L14. Implied Consent
L15. Chronic Misbehavior


RS1. Office Hours & Service Procedures
RS2. Lockouts
RS3. Laundry Facilities
RS4. Pool & Spa


C1. Room/Suite/Apartment Cleanliness
C2. Patios & Balconies
C3. Hallways & Walkways
C4. Barbecue Grills
C5. Satellite Television Dishes
C6. Trash
C7. Pets
C8. Posting


S1. SECURITY (return to index)

The University Police Department provides police services to on-campus housing, but you should not assume their presence. We believe in the effectiveness of neighbors looking out for each other and we encourage residents to get to know their neighbors. You must promptly report any incident of theft, vandalism, or unsafe conditions to the University Police and your Resident Director (RD). Whenever possible, please furnish a detailed description of the offender, date and time of day, make and color of car, license plate number, etc. Please call the University Police at 281-649-3314 for non-emergencies, or 281-649-3911 to report criminal activity or other emergencies. We will support your vigilance and will, where appropriate, prosecute acts of vandalism, trespassing, and theft.


The Residence College (TLH, MRC & WRC) main entrances are governed by magnetic-stripe card access locks. These doors are locked at 11:00pm each night. Your student ID is encoded to allow you to access the building, common areas and your suite. You will also have a key to your room. Mere possession of an access card does not necessarily confirm right of entry. Therefore, please do not assist someone who appears to be having difficulty gaining entry. Please do not let someone whose access privileges have been revoked, or guests of others, enter the property using your code. You may come and go as you please, but please note information regarding visitors.

The apartments in Husky Village have individual, keyed deadbolt locks.
a. Entrances to TLH, MRC, WRC and Husky Village parking lots have limited-access gates. When you move in you will be issued a remote control (“clicker”) to allow you to gain access when the gates are closed. TLH, MRC and WRC gates are closed at 10:30pm when the university is in session and remain closed during academic year breaks. The Husky Village gates are closed at all times. Do not let other people use your “clicker”.

b. To avoid damage to your vehicle and to the vehicle access gates, pass through the gates carefully. Do not tailgate and follow other cars through the gate. We will not pay and are not responsible for any damage to your car. You may be sanctioned, fined and/or charged for the repair costs of any damage to gates caused by vehicles driven by you or your guests. People who vandalize the gates in any way whatsoever, or who bump the gate, will be fined, required to pay the cost of repairs, and may face disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.

c. The call boxes at TLH, MRC and WRC gates are connected directly with the University Police department. In the event that you do not have your “clicker” or if you have a visitor after the gates are closed, in order to gain entry, you (or your visitor) must identify yourself to the Police department’s satisfaction and then they may grant you access. At the front entrance to Husky Village, there is a call box providing a resident directory with listings by last name and first initial. To gain entry, your visitor must press the "#" button first for a dial tone, then dial the three digit code listed by your name. Your approved telephone number will be dialed and then you may open the gate for your visitor by pressing the "9" button on your telephone.

S3. KEYS (return to index)

Each resident is provided a key to his/her room and/or suite or apartment and mailbox upon checking in. Lost keys should be reported to Campus Living staff immediately. A replacement charge of $50 will be assessed for each lost key. Do not duplicate any keys.


L1. FIREARMS/WEAPONS (return to index)

We do not allow firearms and other weapons on the property. You must comply with all federal, state, local and University laws and regulations pertaining to all weapons including, without limitation, explosives, bows and arrows, illegal knives, martial arts weapons, air rifles, BB guns, or any other object that can be construed as a weapon.

L2. ALCOHOL (return to index)



Use, possession and/or distribution of drugs and/or illegal substances is strictly prohibited and may result in eviction and referral to the University judicial officer and law enforcement agencies. This includes possession of any drug paraphernalia.

L4. SMOKING (return to index)


L5. VERBAL AND/OR PHYSICAL ABUSE (return to index)

Residents and guests are to treat all neighbors, roommates, visitors, Campus Living staff, and University officials with courtesy and respect. Verbal abuse will not be allowed including swearing, name calling or any other language offensive or demeaning to the person. Verbal and/or physical abuse or violence of any type will not be tolerated.

L6. FAILURE TO COMPLY (return to index)

You must comply with all written and verbal requests and instructions from Campus Living staff and University officials. This includes requests to produce valid identification. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action and/or fine.

L7. RIGHT OF ENTRY (return to index)

Residence Life representatives may enter your room at any time for general inspections. Safety and health inspections may involve the observation of closet and/or storage areas and include, but are not limited to, inspections preceding Thanksgiving and spring breaks. These inspections do not allow for the search of your personal property absent a reasonable reason to search. Every effort is made to notify you ahead of time and for you to be present during the inspection. However, if schedules do not coincide, the inspection will proceed. During Christmas break, all residence halls are locked down. However, University personnel may enter your room for preventive maintenance on a predetermined schedule. Personal belongings are left at one’s own risk. The University reserves the right to cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies to affect a room search in emergency situations or when all legal requirements for search have been met. Entry can be gained by use of a pass key or by any other means deemed necessary.

L8. QUIET HOURS (return to index)

In order to meet the many requests of resident students for a better living and learning environment on campus, specific times have been set aside as quiet hours for residents to relax, study, and sleep. This means that doors should be kept closed when stereos or TVs are on or when groups of people are talking. Groups of students in the courtyard areas must also observe the quiet hours. Use headphones if you like loud music. Listed below are the quiet hours now in effect. Any resident may ask another resident to lower the volume of music, voices, or both.


From 12:00 a.m. Friday to 10:00 a.m. Saturday and from 12:00 a.m. Saturday until 10:00 a.m. Sunday.


From 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.


All hours of the day/night that are not specifically designed “quiet hours” are to be considered “courtesy hours.” During courtesy hours, any person may ask a resident to be quiet and the person must comply. Residents are strongly encouraged to monitor their own wing’s noise level and to take the initiative themselves to confront violators in order to maintain an environment that is conducive to studying, relaxing, and sleeping.

L9. COMMON AREAS (return to index)

You are expected to use common sense and consideration for others when using these facilities. Your use of the common areas is a privilege that we can withdraw for any reason.  Do not make loud noise or play music in the courtyard, lobby, or other common areas. You and your guests are required to follow the posted rules and regulations.

L10. VISITORS (return to index)

You are responsible for your guests' compliance with all of these Community Guidelines and parking regulations. Overnight guests of the same sex are allowed only with the approval of all roommates.  People of the opposite sex are not allowed as overnight guests.  Approved overnight guests may not stay more than two consecutive nights or more than four nights in a month.
Residence College (TLH, MRC & WRC)

Opposite Sex Visitation Hours:
Sunday through Thursday 1:00pm - 10:00pm, and Friday and Saturday 1:00pm - 12:00am.

Lobby hours:

Sunday through Saturday 10:00 am - 12:00 am.

The following guidelines are in effect during these times:
  • Visitors must be registered with Residence Life staff. Unregistered guests will be considered unauthorized occupants and you will be in violation of the Housing Agreement.
  • Visitors must be escorted to and from the room by the resident being visited.
  • Visitors must leave photo identification at the font desk when they sign in and must sign out upon departure.
  • Visitors and residents must indicate which rooms will be entered by visitors.
  • Staff may monitor visitation by making rounds and visiting all rooms.
  • All doors to suites and room must remain fully open.
  • Any misconduct or inappropriate sexual activity is prohibited. HBU believes that sexual union is meant only for the context of marriage.
  • All other components of the HBU Code of Student Conduct are in effect.
Husky Village Apartments

Opposite sex Visitation Hours:

Sunday through Saturday 12:00pm - 1:00am.

L11. MINOR CHILDREN (return to index)

Minor children must be supervised by an adult at all times while on campus. Babysitting is not permitted in on-campus housing.

L12. ROOM / SUITE / APARTMENT DECORATION (return to index)

We recognize the importance of personalizing your room. However, in order to comply with fire codes (which exist for your protection and safety), to reduce the risk of accidents, and to prevent other damage to your room, we have established the policies that follow. If you fail to follow these policies, we may sanction you and/or charge you fines and costs.

a. You may not hang, stick, or erect anything in, on, or about any windows if it can be seen from the outside. The blinds provided should be the only thing visible on the outside windows.

b. All decorations should be temporary in nature so as to not permanently deface or damage any of your room’s finishes. You can hang posters and other wall decorations with poster putty, thumb tacks, or any other method that will not damage painted wall surfaces. No wall papering or painting is permitted in your room.

c. Do not use nails, stickers or tape on the suite entrance, bedroom and closet doors, furniture or kitchen cabinet surfaces.

d. Aluminum foil may not be placed in windows as insulation or decoration.


Conflicts occur due to a lack of communication between people and resistance to compromise. All residents agree to follow the ROOMMATE/NEIGHBOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION process:

a. The complaining resident discusses the problem with our staff; staff will give tips on how to talk with the roommate/neighbor; the complaining resident addresses the concern directly with the roommate/neighbor.

b. Our staff will follow up with the complaining resident. If the problem remains, a resolution meeting is held among roommates/neighbors and our staff. A roommate/neighbor contract may be formulated to help negotiate a compromise.

c. Our staff will follow-up and revise the roommate/neighbor contract if needed. Room changes may be suggested and/or mandated.

d. Only after our staff feels that the roommate/neighbor resolution process has been given a chance will changes in room assignments be considered. Roommate conflicts with roommates/neighbors are not grounds for contract termination.

e. Roommates/neighbors electing not to work through this prescribed resolution process may be assessed a reasonable transfer fee to change rooms.

L14. IMPLIED CONSENT (return to index)

All students in a room/area will be held responsible for their behavior/objects in that room or area. In addition, residents who are not observed participating in misbehavior or in possession of inappropriate items/objects, but are in the presence of a policy violation, can be held responsible. This is called implied consent or complicity. If a resident is not present, he/she will be held responsible unless it can be clearly demonstrated that he/she had no knowledge of the violation.

L15. CHRONIC MISBEHAVIOR (return to index)

A resident establishes an unacceptable pattern of misconduct when he or she is frequently in trouble, though individual offenses might be minor. A pattern of recalcitrance, irresponsible conduct, or manifest immaturity may be interpreted as a significant disciplinary problem. Generally, the third violation of policy will result in a referral for eviction.



The Residence Life Office is located on the first floor of the Hodo Residence College. Our office hours may vary during the course of the year due to holidays or variations in the University calendar. Regular office hours for TLH, MRC, WRC and Husky Village are posted in each building. When the office is closed, call the Resident Assistant on-call cell phone (varies by building, ask your RA) for emergencies. Numbers also are posted in prominent places and are distributed to you throughout the year in various newsletters and notices.

RS2. LOCKOUTS (return to index)

If you become locked out of your suite, apartment or room, you may call the building office where you are located or the Residence Life Office during office hours. For assistance after hours, contact the On-Call Resident Assistant (varies by building). This service is offered free to residents, however, you may be charged a reasonable fee per occurrence after you accumulate more than three (3), in any given month.

RS3. LAUNDRY FACILITIES (return to index)

Laundry facilities are for our residents' use only. We are not responsible for unattended laundry.

RS4. POOL & SPA (return to index)

Commercial swim wear must be worn at all times while in the pool and spa. Residents and guests are expected to use decorum and exhibit appropriate public behavior at all times. Pool and Spa hours are Sunday - Saturday, 9:00am - 12:00am. A lifeguard is not on duty. An emergency call box is available for emergencies. Additional rules may be posted in this area. Running, irresponsible behavior, or loud noise is not allowed. Glass containers are not permitted in the pool area.


You must maintain your room/suite in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition at all times. Unclean conditions may create an unhealthy environment for your roommates and/or your neighbors. The University provides a weekly cleaning service for your bathroom and common area (TLH, MRC & WRC only). It is your responsibility to keep the common area neat and tidy. Individual rooms are not cleaned.

C2. PATIOS & BALCONIES (return to index)

Keep patios and balconies clean and uncluttered at all times. Only appropriate patio furnishings should be used. Do not dry clothing or linens or store unsightly personal property on your patio or balcony at any time, including but not limited to boxes, tires, recyclables, and/or broken furniture. No indoor furniture is allowed to be used outside.

C3. HALLWAYS & WALKWAYS (return to index)

Please keep all hallways and walkways clear of trash and personal items.

C4. BARBECUE GRILLS (return to index)

Fire codes prohibit the storage or use of barbecue grills on the sidewalks in each building. Approved community grills are provided. After you use the community grills, please leave the equipment, grills, and area clean for the next person. Flammable liquids may not be stored in your room.


You may not install a satellite television dish without our written approval.

C6. TRASH  (return to index)

Put all trash in tightly closed plastic bags and deposit them in the dumpsters provided. TLH has trash rooms on each floor where you may deposit trash through chutes to the ground. Do not put trash between the dumpsters and the fence or leave your trash in the trash room. Do not put your trash in the trashcans in the common areas. You will receive a warning and then 24 hours later may be charged a reasonable fine if you place any trash outside your suite or apartment or anywhere else on the property (other than inside the dumpsters or deposited down the trash chute).

C7. PETS (return to index)

You are not permitted to have pets of any kind on campus. We may assess a fine of up to $100.00 if you violate this policy and you may be subject to the disciplinary process. In addition to the fine, you may be responsible for any damage caused and/or any fumigation required. If you are found with a pet, you must remove the pet within 24 hours. If you violate this pet policy more than once, there will be additional fines and other disciplinary action.

C8. POSTING (return to index)

All signs and posters must be pre-approved by the office of Student Affairs before being posted. If approved, posters, signs, and other items can only be posted in designated areas.

The content of this agreement is subject to change when deemed necessary by the University in order to meet the evolving needs of students, the community, and the institution. Changes will be noted on this online version of the Housing Agreement.